A raw food diet is a special diet that allows the consumption of only raw foods. The most common vegan raw food diet that includes only plant foods.

What products do raw foodists eat?

Vegan raw food diet provides for the inclusion of the following food products:

• raw plant foods;

• honey and beekeeping derivatives;

• sauerkraut, tea from herbs;

• vegetable oil, salt, and soda.

In vegetable diet includes a wide range of fruits, berries and vegetables, mixed nuts, cereals, and prepared without any heating of food.

Raw foodists make the seemingly impossible, and cook these dishes without exposing them to heat and not adding milk, eggs, meat, fish.

What are the benefits of a raw food diet?

To talk about raw food as a panacea is not necessary, however, the undoubted benefits of eating raw plant foods is purification from toxic substances, antibiotics, salts of heavy metals.

Vegan raw food diet quite effective helps with any problems of digestion, diseases of the respiratory system, allergies.

It should also be noted about the appearance of additional energy, which is to go raw was spent on the digestion of ordinary food.

Negative aspects of a raw food diet

Take action to join the raw foodists must be taken very seriously, since in some cases the consumption of raw food can turn into big trouble. It can happen in such cases:

• there are difficulties in the assimilation of raw food because of the rejection of fructose;

• an unbalanced diet, ie the use of a limited range of products, for example, only apples;

• no representation about the processes that begin to occur in the body during the process of transition to a raw food diet.

It should be noted that in raw food the body begins to experience a vitamin B12 deficiency.

You must carefully keep and care for the oral cavity to prevent damage of tooth enamel, as well as to monitor the amount of fluid intake.

According to experts, go on a raw food diet should be gradual, so that the body slowly adapted to changes in the power system.