Why test children eat

The habit of eating raw cookie dough is often inherent in children. They all love to try, but it to the test for some reason, they had a special love. Often adults are concerned about this, because the raw dough is prefabricated it can be harmful. In fact, too much to worry about this habit of the child is not worth it. The fact that raw dough contains yeast, rich in vitamins grumy In and a large amount of carbohydrates.

A growing child's body needs more carbohydrates than an adult, so the child instinctively reaching out for foods rich in carbohydrates. Nothing wrong with that. Another thing is that eating raw dough weight, of course, can not afford. The child should explain that a lot of dough to eat bad – will hurt the stomach. Age when metabolic processes in the body are changing, the habit of eating the dough gradually disappears.

Children's habit in adults

It so happens that the desire to eat raw dough occurs and an adult. For example, have a yeast dough sometimes begin women during pregnancy or teenagers. This habit speaks to the inadequate intake of b vitamins to Compensate for their deficit by using vitamin complexes and nutritional yeast, which are sold in pharmacies.

Do not get involved in eating the test for those who suffer from problems of the gastrointestinal tract, especially constipation. Yeast contained in the dough, continue the fermentation process in the intestine that can cause bloating and flatulence. In addition, crude gluten is very hard to digest and can clog your intestine, causing obstruction and a strong inflammatory process. As a result, you will get diseases such as colitis, obstruction, or even volvulus. Agree, not the most iridescent prospect!

Harmful substances in the test

Well, finally, especially for those who are quite sure that his love for the raw test – something completely harmless. Many components of this semi-finished product is not only poorly digested by the gut and can cause indigestion and constipation, but also have harmful toxic effects. So, the flour is of low quality often contain pathogenic fungi and the pathogen Escherichia coli – the culprit is the strongest food poisoning, sometimes fatal. But raw eggs may contain the pathogen Salmonella.