The components of the stuffing can be changed. The meat combine with rice and serve casserole with tomato sauce, but you can prepare the minced meat porridge. The taste is awesome!

Products for casserole:

• Cabbage

• Mince (500 g pork and 500 g of Turkey meat)

• Red onion

• Sheet Laurel

• Carnation

• Salt

• Olive 30 ml

• Butter for the mold

• Carrots 2 pieces

• Garlic, 2 cloves

• Pearl barley, 100 g

• Oregano (dried)

• Tomatoes in own juice 1 jar

How to cook:

• In a deep saucepan to boil water. From Kale sharp end of the knife to get the core. Head out lower into the boiling water and boil for ten to eight minutes.

• The bottom and sides of a large baking dish RUB with oil. The entire area should be close to cooked cabbage leaves. The remaining leaves will be used for the interlayer.

• In salted water to cook grits. Drain and allow to cool. Finely chopped onions and carrots fry in butter. Five minutes is enough. Add the chopped garlic, seasoning and tomatoes together with the sauce. Simmer until all moisture disappears. Then wait for the mass to cool.

• Deep capacity to combine meat, cereal and vegetables from the pan. Salt, don't forget the pepper.

• The leaves spread 1/3 of meat, make a layer of cabbage, then spread stuffing. Repeat until the filling is over. The top of the casserole to cover the leaves.

• Bake for an hour and a half (140 degrees). The finished casserole to pass on to a wide plate or tray. Cut like a cake. Ready!