In this case, only to find the recipes flavorful, very tasty and appealing in appearance than liquid foods that can be consumed with great pleasure. One of these soups is barley soup with potatoes and sweet pepper and turn it even more spicy if fresh vegetables are not fried in vegetable oil and fat.

For the preparation of barley soup with potatoes and sweet peppers will need the following set of components:

- green onion (1 bunch medium size);

- allspice, Bay leaf, freshly ground pepper and fine salt (at your discretion);

- vegetable oil and fat (110 g);

- instant vegetable broth (1 liter);

potato tubers (1.2 kg);

- onions (2 heads);

- vegetables for the soup fresh (at its discretion);

- parsley, fresh (1 medium bunch);

- pearl barley (320 g).

All night to soak in the required amount of pearl barley, Bay her cold filtered water. Small cubes dice the bacon put it on a heated pan and fry, spread out a paper napkin, put it on the slices of bacon to drained excess oil.

For barley soup prepare the vegetables, cut into slices, washed the carrots, celery chopped slices, and the arrows of the bow is not very thick rings. Chop fresh parsley and peeled onion and fry all these crushed components in vegetable oil with regular stirring.

Soaked all night barley to drain in a colander as soon as it dries out a bit, put it to the vegetables and continue to simmer ingredients. Steamed vegetables with barley together, put into a saucepan the necessary volume to get there in the vegetable broth, bring contents to a boil and continue to boil the soup. Fifteen minutes later, add in pearl barley soup with allspice, Bay leaf, freshly ground pepper, salt, stir, cover the pot with pearl barley soup with a lid to continue cooking for another twenty minutes.

Green onions, rinse, Pat dry on a paper towel, then cut into rings. Cooked barley soup with potatoes and sweet pepper pour into portioned soup plates, sleep on top of chopped green onions and fried bacon.