You will need
    • Pearl barley
    • water
    • salt
    • saucepan.
Soak the barley groats in water for a few hours at night. Drain the water and fill the saucepan with the pearl barley with cold water. Put on fire and bring to a boil. Drain the barley in a sieve and rinse under the tap with cold water. Pour the cereal with boiling water and simmer for 50 minutes. Add salt in the cooking process. Barley will turn out crumbly and not sticky. Add it to the pickle for 5 minutes until cooked soup.
Simmer barley for one hour in salted water. Ready barley pour into a colander and rinse thoroughly with water. Add it to the almost finished soup.
Thoroughly rinse the pearl barley with cold water. Pour boiling water so that the water was two fingers above the level of the cereals, put it on a slow fire. Several times, add cold water, grits fall apart faster. Ready rinse barley and add it to the pickle for five minutes until tender.