Advice 1: How to cook pearl barley for soup

Barley is processed barley grains. Grits its appearance resembles the pearl river, and on the composition of nutrients is indeed a wealth. In barley a lot of fiber and vitamins. Dishes from pearl barley contribute to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
How to cook pearl barley for soup
You will need
    • Pearl barley
    • water
    • salt
    • saucepan.
Soak the barley groats in water for a few hours at night. Drain the water and fill the saucepan with the pearl barley with cold water. Put on fire and bring to a boil. Drain the barley in a sieve and rinse under the tap with cold water. Pour the cereal with boiling water and simmer for 50 minutes. Add salt in the cooking process. Barley will turn out crumbly and not sticky. Add it to the pickle for 5 minutes until cooked soup.
Simmer barley for one hour in salted water. Ready barley pour into a colander and rinse thoroughly with water. Add it to the almost finished soup.
Thoroughly rinse the pearl barley with cold water. Pour boiling water so that the water was two fingers above the level of the cereals, put it on a slow fire. Several times, add cold water, grits fall apart faster. Ready rinse barley and add it to the pickle for five minutes until tender.
Barley for the first dishes are best cooked separately and add to the almost finished soup. Otherwise the soup will be too muddy and "slimy".
Useful advice
Cook the pearl barley is more than you need to pickle. Your Pets will be delicious soup, and you spend three or four days on the diet. Eat only cooked crumbly pearl barley without salt and oil. During this time the skin is smoothed, and the body will take the excess fluid.

Advice 2: How to brew coffee bean

The invigorating beverage that has a stimulating effect due to the coffee -inu, became for many a familiar and indispensable thing in the morning. Varieties of coffee and methods of its cooking, great variety. The most popular, perhaps, is the method of cooking is Oriental coffee, or Turkish coffee.
How to brew coffee bean
You will need
    • Turk
    • 2 tea spoon with top of ground coffee
    • 1 teaspoon sugar
    • 80 ml water
Put the coffee pot from water on a small fire.
Grind grain in a coffee grinder immediately before brewing coffee.
After the appearance of the first bubbles, add the water sugar.
After a few seconds, and add coffee powder.
Turku need to drive on fire, that the resulting foam is distributed evenly and the drink is not boiled.
When the foam risen enough, remove it from heat and allow the foam to settle slightly.
Re-heat the drink over low heat until the foam.
Repeat the procedure again, and aromatic drink is ready.
Pour coffee into small cups and serve with a glass of cold water and Turkish delight.
In any case do not let the drink boil, the coffee will be spoiled.
Useful advice
Shelf life of ground coffee is small, but it can be extended by storing the coffee, vacuum-Packed in the freezer.

For grinding grains, it is desirable to use a high-quality manual grinder or an electric millstone, but always slow rotation.
Prepared coffee should not be drunk immediately, let the thick settle to the bottom.

Advice 3: How to cook pearl barley on the side

Barley – barley is a very useful, almost not conceding on the healing properties of the famous oatmeal, but not as popular. Meanwhile, you can cook a variety of dietary meals, including a healthy side dish, combined with meat and fish, with vegetables and legumes.
How to cook pearl barley on the side
You will need
  • For a simple side dish of barley:
  • - 400 g pearl barley;
  • - 4 bulbs;
  • Sol;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • For barley with vegetables and mushrooms
  • - 350 g of pearl barley;
  • - 1 onion;
  • - 1 carrot;
  • - 100 g mushrooms;
  • - 30 g of butter;
  • - 2 pinches of black pepper;
  • Sol;
  • - vegetable oil.
A simple side dish of barley

Sort through the barley, remove dark grain and debris, thoroughly rinse it and soak it in cold water for several hours at room temperature. It is best to leave it overnight.
Drain the liquid from the grains, pour 5 cups boiling water in a saucepan and place on high heat. Boil until fully cooked within the hour. Salt barley only at the very end of cooking to taste. Put it in a colander and rinse with hot water, if the formed mucus.
Clean and chop the onion in small cubes. Preheat a large skillet with vegetable oil and fry the onions until transparent, then add cereal and simmer it under a lid on medium heat, stirring with a wooden spatula, about 5 minutes.
Barley on the side with vegetables and mushrooms

Prepare the cereal, pour it in a bowl with 5 tbsp cooled boiled or filtered water and leave for half an hour. Transfer to a fine-meshed sieve with a handle and set it over a saucepan of about the same diameter filled to the middle of boiling water.
Cook the barley for a couple 20 minutes, then pour the liquid from the pan and pour in it 4 tbsp. of clean water. Stir in 0.5 tsp. salt and 1 tbsp oil. Once it boils, put the steamed groats, reduce heat to low and close with a lid for 20 minutes.
Clean the vegetables and mushrooms and chop: chop onion thin half-rings, mushrooms longitudinal slices, carrots – straws. Heat the vegetable oil over low heat and fry the listed ingredients in the following way: first the onion for 2-3 minutes, then throw him the carrots for 3-5 minutes, and finally the mushrooms for another 7-10 minutes until complete evaporation of the liquid.
Stir in the contents of the pan barley porridge, butter, pickle with salt if necessary and pepper, cover and warm with roast.

Advice 4: How to cook jelly

To properly prepare the jelly, you should know a few nuances. One of them is the cooking time of this dish. It is important to pour the optimum amount of liquid to jelly well stuck.
Aspic is a traditional dish of the holiday feast. To properly prepare it, you need to know a few subtleties of this process. One of them is the cooking time of the jelly.

After all, if its not up tocooking, the meat will not separate from the bone, and the liquid will harden as it should. If you cook the jelly for too long, it evaporated much of the liquid. The jelly in the cooking process in any case can not add water, as this will affect its freezing, it can remain liquid.

Immediately pour the desired amount of water and cook the optimal amount of time.

Jelly "Assorted"

Many have tried pork jelly. This recipe is quite common. Jelly "Assorted" is even more delicious due to the fact that it contains 3 varieties of meat. Cook jellied three kinds of meat need a little less than just pork. Jelly boil 6-6. 5 hours, and "Assorted" - 5.
- 1 pork shank;
- 1 beef shank;
- 1 chicken leg quarter;
- 1 onion;
- 1 carrot;
- 5 peppers and peas;
- 5 Bay leaves;
- 1 head of garlic;
- salt – to taste.

First, all the meat is well washed, then lay it in a pan, pour water and leave like this for an hour. During this time, the blood goes into the water. Then the water is drained, the meat is again washed.

Now to the "Cuts" need to add all recipe ingredients except the garlic and salt and place the pan on a high heat. Water poured so that it was 5 cm above the meat.

As soon as the broth starts to boil, spoon off all the foam and do the minimum fire. To the less liquid has evaporated, cover the container with a lid.

An hour until tender add salt to the broth. In the meantime, you can finely chop the garlic or squeeze it through chesnokodavilku.

Making jelly

Five hours have passed, so it's time to shut down and cool the jelly. During this time, the meat perfectly cooked, the bones have given their gelling agents broth. Here jellied beef and pork should be cooked longer, at least six hours. Sometimes this process takes 6.5 hours, if the broth is still pork head.

"Cuts" has cooled, separated the meat from the bones, the bones thrown away and the meat cut quite small. You will need to add the chopped garlic and mix well.

Put in a special tray or jelly in a round glass bowl meat. Who likes, can put it a little more, and on top, pour a little warm broth. When it cools down, put it overnight to harden in the refrigerator. You can put on the bottom slices of carrots, greens, and when the jelly hardens, dip the bottom and sides of the cookware in warm water for a few seconds, cover with a large plate and carefully turn her to jelly.

Cook jelly long enough, so it is better to allocate for this weekend, e.g. Saturday. While he is 5-6. 5 hours cooked, you can go about your business. Frozen jelly serve on Sunday.

Advice 5: How to cook pearl barley

Pearl barley has fiber, good for digestion, and polysaccharides, decreasing the concentration of glucose in the blood. Otvarivaya barley, keep in mind a few nuances which will make a tasty dish quickly.
How to cook pearl barley
You will need
  • -pearl barley;
  • water;
  • Sol.
Before you begin cooking pearl barley, pay attention to the processing time. This is a very undemanding product that can be stored for several years. However, the duration of storage significantly increases the time required for cooking.
To minimize cooking time, soak cereal in water for 3-4 hours, preferably overnight. Soaked pearl barley is much easier to heat treatment. Before cooking the grits, put in a colander and thoroughly washed under running water.
Prepared groats, place in a large kettle and cover with water or broth. The ratio of cereals and water should be 1:2. Kazan put on a heated plate. After 3 minutes of boiling water reduce heat to medium and continue to cook pearl barley by adding the taste of table salt. By this time pearl barley should increase in volume by absorbing water. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the liquid. Pour into the cauldron a fourth part of water or broth, used in the beginning of cooking.
After re-boiling again reduce the heat. Krupa needs to steam under a lid for about an hour. If the barley is stored for a long time, cooking time at this stage can take up to 1.5 hours. The finished barley should be soft and swollen. Knowing how to cook pearl barley, you can cook a great side dish for a main dish.
If there is no time to wait until the grits swell, you can cook the pearl barley an emergency method that will take much less time. However, in this case, the palatability of barley porridge can be worse.
Pearl barley without soaking, rinse under running water and place it in the cauldron, the Gulf water. Cook the barley in a strong heat until boiling. As soon as the water boils, drain it and fill the cauldron new portion of water. Then continue to cook grits over medium heat. Boiling water again, drain and fill the cauldron new portion of water, which should be about 1.5 times more than barley.
Cook grits over medium heat. After boiling water, add salt and cover the cauldron with a lid. Reduce the heat to a minimum. Thus the cooking time of whole barley can be reduced by almost half.
Trying to shorten the cooking time of whole barley, the hosts often used specially prepared cereals packaged in individual packets. This product is very easy to prepare, but deprived of the greater part of the nutrients inherent in the barley.
Useful advice
If you add into the bulging rump with a knob of butter, barley will turn out especially delicious. Also for swelling of the best cereals you can put the cauldron in a preheated oven.

Advice 6: How to cook mushrooms

Mushrooms are popular among the people these mushrooms are even jokingly referred to as "forest meat". Poison mushrooms impossible, and they can be purchased in almost any supermarket, located in walking distance from the house. How to cook mushrooms at home?
How to cook mushrooms

The first is to say that the use of these mushrooms in food is extremely useful, because they contain protein that is easily digested and many of the amino acids necessary for the dynamic development of the person. In addition, nutritionists also recommend to take mushrooms – mushrooms are low in calories and help to regulate the cholesterol in the body.

There are many options for cooking these mushrooms, we will focus on the cooking. How to cook mushrooms? If you have fresh mushrooms, then their preparation will be only 5-7 minutes. The mushrooms in the steamer will be ready in 10 minutes, and in the slow cooker when the mode "stewing" in 20 minutes. If you have purchased frozen mushrooms, then after defrosting they need to go into the water and boil for 10 minutes. The holders of a pressure cooker will cut that time to 5 minutes.

Tip: the mushrooms don't change color, will not darken if you add in boiling water 2 grams of the acid of the lemon. This dose is going to calculate on 1 kg of mushrooms.

How to cook mushrooms for a salad?

First put the mushrooms in a colander and clean them with a jet of cold water. If the stem of the mushroom is dark, then if desired, it can be cut.

Take the saucepan and fill it with water, add a couple pinches of salt, if you wish, you can also add a few peas of fragrant pepper and put a Bay leaf – so you get a flavorful dish.

Pan put on fire. Once the water starts to boil, add citric acid – mushrooms do not darken. Now add the mushrooms, cook them for 7 minutes.

The water is drained through the colander – just flip out on him mushrooms.

To wait until the mushrooms cool, cut them into pieces and add to the salad. If you wish to cook in reserve, then drain the water into the jar, drop in mushrooms and send the dish in the refrigerator until the desired time.

How to cook mushrooms for soup?

Wash the mushrooms, cut them into pieces.

In a saucepan, pour water and put it on medium heat.

After boiling water, add the mushrooms and a pinch of salt. The dish will be ready in 5 minutes.

Drain the water, now the mushrooms can be added to soup or package in bags and put into the freezer.

Advice 7: How to cook the chanterelles until tender

Chanterelle is perhaps the most delicious mushrooms on the basis of their are incredibly delicious soups, cakes, main dishes, sauces, etc. the cooking Process is quite simple: cook them no more than 20 minutes.
How to cook the chanterelles until tender

Summer is the time to walk through the woods in search of mushrooms. If you had such a day, and you are lucky enough to collect mushrooms such as chanterelles, rejoice, because these mushrooms are very tasty, and prepared very simply and quickly.

So, before you start cooking the mushrooms, first clean any dirt from: leaves, needles, grass, etc., then rinse in cold water (best to use a sieve or colander), put the mushrooms in an enamel saucepan, cover them with water and put on fire.

As soon as the water boils and the foam appears, remove it and continue cooking the contents of the pan in about 10 minutes. After some time, turn off the gas, and the mushrooms drain in a colander. Chanterelles are cooked, now you need to let them cool down and you can start to prepare any meals.

How to cook chanterelles before frying

It is worth noting that cook chanterelles in order to remove all the dirt, so if you are going to fry these mushrooms, in this case, simply bring the water with chanterelles to a boil, then tilting them in a colander and thoroughly rinse in cold water.

To chanterelles turned out more tender, not dry, their pre-need 30-40 minutes to hold in cold milk or cream, and only then proceed to frying. Some Housewives do not cook these mushrooms before frying, but only carefully washed. If you choose this option of cooking mushrooms, remember that maintaining them in milk - a prerequisite, otherwise the dish will turn out dry.

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