See immediately how to store berries. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight, should be installed the awning under which they are stored. The watermelons must be in a special metal cage, it will prevent the fall berries. Falling is dangerous because any crack in the watermelon will immediately begin to accumulate and breed bacteria. So be sure to inspect it for integrity.

If on the way home, you will see the merchant watermelon, comfortably sitting on the roadside, it is not necessary to stop and buy his goods. Watermelons are very easily and quickly absorb all harmful substances in the exhaust gases. No matter how tasty you think the fetus is, it carries only harm.

Even if you weren't lucky in the choice of watermelon, don't despair. In August comes the season of our Russian Arbuzov, there is certainly the choice will be easier. Its always tastier and sweeter.

If the variety of watermelon you are guided by the principle that the more the better, you will be disappointed. Too much watermelon any sign of maturity, but a surplus of mineral fertilizers, as well as a small size watermelon means that he did not have enough time to Mature and nutrients. The ideal option would be a watermelon of medium size.

Following that draws attention is the so — called "tail". The green color of the tail suggests that the fruit is still green. Ripe berries should be dry, brown ponytail. Also note the color of watermelon. The brighter it is, and the contrasting highlighted strips, the our riper the watermelon.

Often the peel of the watermelon may be a white spot. This does not mean that he is sick and does not affect its taste. A spot just shows us on what side berry lay, while she sang and matured. A ripe watermelon is the spot is more yellow than we have not dospevshie of the fetus.

So, how to choose a delicious and juicy watermelon, it is now clear. But you probably at least once in life thought, and whether there is any benefit from this delicious fruit? Though not as big as say, her rival melons, but still there. Watermelon due to the large amount of fluid contained in it, is a very good diuretic. In people, it earned him the nickname "broom" because it "sweeps" all the toxins and wastes from the body.