There are two varieties of coffee trees: Robusta and Arabica. For the production of instant coffee use Robusta (the beans, unlike Arabica beans have a more rounded shape). The aroma of this kind coffee does not Shine, but the caffeine in these beans in two, and even four times more.

Usually there are three varieties of instant coffee:

• Powder.

• Freeze-dried.

• Granulated.

If you're looking for a more flavorful version of the beginning of your day, it is best to purchase coffee. Is made this product by freezing coffee beans, making the drink prepared from sublimate, has a tart and rich aroma.

Always pay attention to the packaging of instant coffee. The granular product should be purchased in glass jars, to be able to look at content. If among the pellets present a large amount of powder, from buying such a coffee is to abstain.

Look to the brand of coffee. Not stingy and choose a more expensive option ceteris paribus. And remember that good instant coffee is not stored for more than 18 months.