You will need
  • •200 g of pork;
  • •150 g chicken Breasts;
  • •100 g mushrooms;
  • •50 g onions;
  • •2 tbsp. water;
  • •1 bunch green onions;
  • •5 tbsp soy sauce;
  • •2 tbsp sour cream;
  • •1 tsp. mustard;
  • •1 bunch of sorrel;
  • •sunflower oil;
  • •coriander, dill and parsley (to taste);
  • •favorite spices.
All the meat with onions grind in a meat. Mushrooms cut into small cubes. Greens onions chop with a knife.
For meat stuffing add diced mushrooms, onion herbs, favorite spices and 3 tbsp of soy sauce. All mix thoroughly until smooth.
From the prepared forcemeat to form meatballs the size of a walnut. At the same time to form the best hands dipped in cold water. The only way the meat will not cling to the skin.
Two cups of water, pour into kettle and bring to a boil.
Meatballs put into a thick-bottomed pan and fry all sides until Golden brown, using a large amount of oil.
In a pan pour hot water, the pan cover, and its contents to extinguish 5-7 minutes.
Meanwhile, in a bowl to combine sour cream, remaining soy sauce and mustard. This mass mix well and put in a frying pan with braised meatballs. Then meatballs in sour cream and mustard sauce again, cover with a lid and stew for another 10 minutes.
Sorrel, parsley, cilantro and dill thoroughly wash and finely chop with a knife and 10 minutes later put in the frying pan with meatballs. The contents of the pan again, bring to the boil, then turn off and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes with the lid closed.
Ready meatballs serve only hot. As a garnish you will have to take rice or mashed potatoes.