Let's start with the fact that iwashi - not herring, as many believed. This fish is the herring indirect relationship - she just belongs to the family of Herrings. And in fact, it is sardine, and her name in Latin is: Sardinops sagax melanostict, that is the far Eastern sardine. Why "iwashi"? Japanese sardine is pronounced as "mA-iwashi".

Well, where are the sardines gone? And will we see her sometime in the fish? Scientists-ichthyologists comfort - Yes, we'll see. And, most likely, in the near future.

The fact that the cycle of development of the far Eastern sardine is still not fully understood. It is known that the fish can be found in the vast waters off the coast of Taiwan to Kamchatka. It spawns in the warm waters South of Japan, and then swims to the feeding to the North, to the shores of Primorye. Here iwashi feeds on crustacean plankton and rapidly gaining weight. With the onset of cold weather the shoals of sardines migrate again to the South.

Before the war, in the 30-40-ies of the far Eastern fishermen extracted a huge amount of iwashi. Then the fish abruptly disappeared from our seas. After 40 years, 70-80 years, she returned again and came to the forefront in the catch. Up to 600 thousand tons iwashi per year was producing our fishers for almost 10 years. And here again - the sudden disappearance. Iwashi just didn't want to go into the area of our fields.

Ichthyologists attribute this cyclicality to the specifics of breeding fish, with changes in direction of currents. Their predictions for the return of this delicious sardines in our seas is quite optimistic. Judge for yourself: 30-40s, then after 40 years - 70-80 Add another cycle to 40 and see that soon the population iwashi should begin to rise. According to ichthyologists, the migration of sardines in the far Eastern Primorye needs to begin from 2015-2020, now begins a gradual timid approach of the shoals iwashi to the shores of Kamchatka.

Well, we hope that the predictions of scientists are correct, and continue to wait on our tables this delicious fish.