The modern woman has to work, raise children and run the house. It is clear that with such a furious pace to deal with them is not always enough time, or desire, or both. But gymnastics now has undergone significant changes. For example, there are many exercises that don't require unnecessary time and resources allow to achieve good results.

Classic or French gymnastics helps to make the skin more supple and muscles toned and elastic.

Dance gymnastics allows you to make movement more fluid increases joint flexibility. In this type of gymnastics a lot of fans, because it is difficult to find a woman who loves to dance. This gymnastics is a kind – jazz-gymnastics – fulfillment of certain exercise with jazz music.

Aerobics allows you to alternate gymnastics with stretching exercises. The result is improved circulation and the body's cells are better supplied with oxygen.

Yoga for women is a special set of exercises that develop mobility of joints and strengthens the bone skeleton. This form of gymnastics came from the East, but immediately gained popularity.

Stretching is a combination of various exercises from yoga, modern dance and ballet, which is performed under slow music.

Slavic gymnastics – a gymnastics allows to open the flow of energy in the female body, based on ancient Slavic martial arts.

Bodyflex – not the usual gymnastics, exercises which are performed at the time of arrest of breathing.

Qigong is Chinese gymnastics, slow motion, under a stylized music. Will allow you to relax and rest not only the body but also the mind.

No matter what type of gymnastics you choose, as long as it was efficient and you enjoyed the classes.