Due to the popularity of the hash there are many variations of this dish that can satisfy any taste.

Vegetable okroshka on kvass

For cooking you will need to take 1.5 liters of bread kvass, boiled potatoes – 7 pieces, 3 boiled eggs, 1 boiled carrot, 3 cucumber, radish – 6 pieces, onion, herbs, salt and mustard to taste and sour cream.

Cut the vegetables as desired, greens grind. Separate the yolks and grind them with sour cream and mustard. Add ground squirrels and pour all of the cooled kvass. The prepared broth to combine with the vegetable mixture and put the hash on plates.

Spicy vegetable hash on the yogurt

The hash recipe is for 1 liter of yogurt, 3 boiled eggs, 3 cucumbers, greens in bunches (green onions, dill or parsley), 2 garlic cloves for spice, salt and spices as desired.

The vegetables and eggs cut into slices, mix with chopped greens and pour in the yogurt. Add salt, pepper and crushed garlic for a spicy flavor.

Meat okroshka on kvass

The dish consists of 2 types of meat (boiled beef and ham), taken 0.2 kg, 5 fresh cucumbers, 2 boiled eggs and 1.5 liters of bread kvass. To taste are added the grated horseradish, salt and herbs with sour cream.

Finely chopped meat mix to the chopped cucumbers and eggs. The chopped herbs to mash with horseradish and sour cream and add salt. All the ingredients, pour a brew and served separately sour cream to the dish.

Spicy soup with marinated mushrooms

To prepare a hodgepodge, it takes 1.5 liters of bread kvass, 0.2 kg of boiled beef, boiled potatoes – 5 pieces, 1 boiled carrots, 0.3 kg pickled mushrooms, 2 boiled eggs, 2 fresh cucumber, mustard, sour cream and herbs as desired.

Mushrooms rinse thoroughly and wait until the water drips off. Meat, mushrooms, protein from eggs and vegetables to chop. Yolks to grind with sour cream and mustard, pour kvass and mix all the ingredients. Before serving the soup decorated with finely chopped greens.

Quick hash with sour cream

The recipe for this hash would be suitable when you are already on the threshold. It consists of 3 boiled eggs, 2 fresh cucumbers, radish – 6 pieces, 1 lemon, 1 liter of water, and sour cream, salt, pepper and herbs.

Finely chop the vegetables, add chopped greens, sour cream, salt and spices as desired. Arrange the salad on plates and fill it with cold water mixed with lemon juice.