Advice 1: Hash, friedge, calop soups for hot summer

In the hot summer it is especially nice to eat something light and cool. Many Nations have come up with special soups such as the Russian okroshka on kefir, Ukrainian friedge for a beet broth or gaining whole lot of popularity, Uzbek calop in which all the ingredients, pour the yogurt. Variations of these dishes many, you can change the flavors by choosing different types of brew, adding different ingredients, changing the seasonings.
Hash, friedge, calop soups for hot summer

How to cook okroshka on kvass

Recipe okroshka on kvass is both simple and leaves much room for creativity. The classic dishes you will need the following ingredients: 1.5 litres of rye kvass, 3-4 potatoes, boiled in their skins, 300 grams of boiled beef, 3 eggs, hardboiled, dlinnoplodnye 1 or 2 short cucumbers, spicy greens – dill and parsley, salt and pepper, sour cream and, if desired, mustard and horseradish. In Soviet times, the meat in the hash was often replaced with doctoral sausage, with succulent boiled beef, this cold soup is much tastier. Prepare the foods for hash - with eggs and potatoes, peel, remove the peel of cucumbers, vystrelit seeds with a spoon. Cut the potatoes, meat and eggs cubes, trying to stick to the same size. Radishes cut into thin slices. Try slices of radish, starting to cut the root vegetable is overripe it can be too bitter. Spicy greens chop. Perfect for this special scissors for herbs. Mix in a bowl all the products, and season with salt and pepper to taste. The basis for the hash lay in deep bowls or soup plates, portioned, and then fill with cool water. Every consumer may taste to fill a cold soup with sour cream, horseradish, mustard, lemon juice. By the way, in Germany very popular similar dish, but instead of kvass use sparkling water, with a small amount of Apple cider vinegar.

Recipe for homemade kvass for okroshka

A known connoisseur of Russian cuisine, chef and blogger Maxim cheesecakes, recommends cooking the soup at home white kvass. This drink is moderately sweet and fizzy, and pleasant taste given by the rye malt. To prepare this brew at home, you'll need the following ingredients – 1 tablespoon of rye malt and the same of flour, half a Cup of buckwheat flour, 10 large raisins, 25 grams of compressed yeast and 3 liters of water. Water should be taking bottled, not boiled and not from the tap. Leaven of brew for cooking, mixing wheat flour with yeast and a small amount of warm water. Let stand in a warm place. A liter of water boil and stir in buckwheat flour. Allow to cool to body temperature and pour in the yeast. Raisins wash, put in just the brew. Cover with a towel and leave overnight at room temperature. Kvass is best to cook in ceramic kitchenware. After 24 hours, pour the remaining water, stir and pour the kvass into bottles. Put it on 2-3 days in the fridge.

Friedge or hash on beet broth

Belarusian friedge – delight vegetarians. A classic recipe friedge in Belarusian no meat products. You will need 0.5 kg of young beets with tops, about 1 liter of beet kvass, and about 4 small white onion, 4 cooked hard-boiled eggs 2-3 fresh short cucumber, dill, celery greens, salt, pepper, sour cream. Beetroot washed and boiled in 3 liters of cold water. She was bright colors and interesting flavor, add about half a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar. Uvarovite the broth until it is about 500 ml. Remove the beets and pour the brew. Boil and leave to cool. Beets peel and cut into cubes, also chop the cucumbers, which are pre-skin. Cut the tops. Spicy greens chop and grind with salt. Slice the eggs and mix them with the previously milled products. Lay the Foundation for kholodnyk the plate portion and add beet broth.

Calop – okroshka on kefir

Recipe Uzbek "hash" on the yogurt also contains no meat and is good for hot summer days. Take 1, 5 liters of yogurt with a fat content of not more than 3.5%. Three short cucumber where you want to locate and cut Tonci short strips, 5-6 radishes cut into thin slices, take 50 grams of Basil, chives, dill and cilantro. Chop. Mix greens with radish and cucumber, season with salt, red pepper, pour kefir. Can add a little crushed ice.

Advice 2: How not to die from the heat

In recent years summer particularly hot is issued, and the number of cases of heat stroke increases. In order to avoid such effects of the sun, is just to remember the basic methods of dealing with the heat.
How not to die from the heat
Drink plenty of fluids. The hotter outside, the more it is required for thermoregulation in the body. Drink a couple liters of clean water a day, trying not to make breaks between glasses of water more than an hour. Keep in mind that sweet drinks, juices and other drinks will not help you and will only complicate the work of the body.
Quench your thirst properly. If the whole day you unbearably thirsty, will help all the same water. Cool, no added sugar, it naturally will stifle thirst. Another drink, able to help with this, green tea. Drink it warm, so you will cope with desire to drink, and with heat (body temperature will increase slightly, which will allow the body to feel more comfortable). Coffee is better to refuse, because it enhances sweating.
Choose clothes made of natural fabrics. Synthetic materials prevent sweating, which leads to disruption of thermoregulation. Give preference to linen, the fabric from it perfectly passes air and does not interfere with the body to "breathe". As for the colors, it is better to wear clothes of bright colors. Dark will attract the sun. Refrain from tight things, prefer loose fit.
Wearing headgear. Be sure to keep your head in the shade, it will save from sunstroke. Hats, caps, scarves - the choice is yours. This accessory in summer, will not become a victim of solar activity and stylish look.
Try to be in a cool room at the peak of solar activity. From eleven to two to three hours a heavenly body emits a particularly strong and harmful rays. Avoid them by hiding in air-conditioned house. The coolness in those days will not hurt.
Refrain from heavy meals. Do not overload your body, do not eat fried, salty and spicy food. Give preference to light summer soups type of okroshka or beetroot soup, boiled fish and meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.
Take a cool shower several times a day. Or at least, rinse the face with cold water. To cool the body so pleasant and helpful.
Don't go to extremes. Avoid rooms that included full air conditioning and drinks with lots of ice. Otherwise you'll get a sore throat.
Useful advice
In particularly hot days it is not necessary to visit the baths and saunas. Also try to limit sports.
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