Grilled pork

In most cases, barbecue make pork. Reason why is buying meat more often two. First, it is more accessible in price and availability in stores. Second, faster ready, the pork turns softer than other meat.

Important subject when you choose pork – it fat. Many people appreciate that meat for a special flavor that enveloped all around, when the grill is thick delicious smoke. And it is formed during the frying fat. On the other hand, more and more people prefer healthy food, but because the skewers of meat fat pigs are unlikely to cause their enthusiasm. If your company has representatives of both views, we can recommend to buy two kinds of pork, cooked two different kinds of kebabs.

Choosing what kind of meat is kebab, it is important to be guided not only lean, but also how easy it is to cut that part across the grain. The fact that largely thanks to this cutting kebab is soft and melts in your mouth". For pork kebabs with fat it is better to buy a brisket, and those who restrict the consumption of fatty pork will be pleased to get a barbecue skewer of lean pork chops.

Skewers of lamb

Other meat used to make traditional kebab – lamb. Not all regions of our country it is abundant, and therefore to buy a nice piece of lamb or lamb on skewers – almost the event. Of course, it's worth the effort.

When choosing a lamb for a shish kebab, the first thing it is important to note that the age of the animal. It can be defined if we consider the rib portion. The younger had a little lamb during slaughter, the thinner ribs, and the distance between them is less. However, the meat of very young animals to barbecue is not recommended – it may be too lean and has no flavor.

The second question that will have to decide if you are going to prepare a shish kebab from lamb meat to take with seeds or without. If the choice fell on the lamb with bones – it is best to buy natural chops (loin with trimmed edges). If you want to make skewers of boneless lamb – try to find rear leg. This is the meaty part of the lamb - kebab out of it enough for everyone.