The initial step in any preparation a shish kebaband is not cut meat and vegetables for the marinade – first of all you need to choose and buy meat. Remember that quality should be just chilled and not frozen and do not rush to buy the product directly from the nice Windows.
Once you buy mutton or pork, rinse it under running water. Then prepare a place to cut meat. Find a large wooden Board with a special groove, in which when cutting dripping meat juice. Rinse the Board with cold water so the wood does not absorb the juice. If you do not have a Board, use a Board or serving plate.
Take an instrument designed for cutting meat. In this case it will be a great knife. Put a piece of meat on a cutting Board and begin to cut off pieces of a certain size, shape and thickness across the grain.
If you use for barbecue loin or leg of lamb, cut into pieces of about 30 grams each. Note, however, that one serving is about 5-6 pieces of lamb.If you are preparing a barbecue in Karski, the lamb cut into rectangular pieces of great thickness.If the BBQ you use is not clipping, and the other part of the mutton, please remember to remove bones from all the cuts and then cut the meat into serving pieces.
If you are going to cook the skewers of pork, cut in large slices from a leg or from the pork loin. And try to get pieces of a rectangular shape and weighs about 30 grams and with a thickness from 50 mm to 80 mm. If you use for a barbecue fresh pork neck, rinse it and cut into pieces approximately 3 cm by 3 cm.