Prepare a candle or burning lamp. The reading of the Psalter should be accompanied by fire. An alternative option is possible only in case, if you're on the road. Find a quiet place where no one will distract or otherwise hinder you. To read the Psalms out loud is necessary, but in a low voice, carefully listening to and trying to parse the meaning which they contain.
Pay special attention to the correct formulation of the stress. Otherwise, can change the meaning of words or even whole sentences. In Orthodoxy it is considered a sin. Also not sitting to read or nacionalnye concluding prayer (as well as the so-called "Word") – be sure to get up on other sites you can sit.
In any case it is impossible to dramatize, to invest emotions and feelings in reading the Psalms. Let your voice be monotonous and a little raspevnye. The main thing to remain impartial. Also, you cannot show emotions, if you can't understand the meaning. As the spiritual maturation of the person will be able to understand more and more.