Exercise "Vacuum" is the retraction of the abdomen and a delay of 20-30 seconds in that condition. Exercise has many positive effects. Strengthens the abdominal rectus muscles lie deep back muscles, trains the suspension of the internal organs, rejuvenates and massages the internal organs. But for us the most important thing that the "Evacuation" makes your waist thinner, removes the ugly hanging belly. Which is very advantageous from an aesthetic point vision. If you've only worked on how to develop muscles in the waist, (rocked the press, etc.), now it's time to do the exercise, make the waist narrow.

There are several variants of this exercise:

  1. Can be on all fours and, having exhaled air, to hold my stomach in for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Another option: "the Pose of the Fisherman. Put feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knees. Put your hands on the thighs just above the knees, fingers inside. Relax the back, and the weight to transfer to the palm. Then do the maximum exhale and pull the belly.

The easiest way to begin mastering this exercise on all fours. You can then forget how to do it sitting down. Well, and then standing up. After some time you will notice that it is much easier for the unconscious to control your stomach and even enjoy it.

When you master the technique, you can do this exercise anywhere and as often as you wish. In traffic, in public transport, at work, at the bus stop. Just practice and waste your time.