Dark and thick stout beer connoisseurs no wonder always advised to drink for dessert. Such a hard drink to quench your thirst or rinse the throat. Strong bitter-sweet taste of this beer in which you can catch hints of coffee, vanilla or chocolate, obliges us to pay attention to it, to experience and to enjoy it to the fullest.

Some stout lovers prefer drinking it at all without the starter, which is not an error – the taste of beer of this sort has so many layers that does not require any extra dishes or products. Burnt and sweetish-bitter notes in the stout can even get the taste of the snacks, if you get it wrong.

When choosing food to beer stout should start from two principles of similarity and, conversely, contrast. In the first case, the beverage and snack needs to have any common flavor elements that will reinforce each other during the meal. In the second case, different aroma and taste, resulting in a get a new flavor combination that will make the use and stouts, and food even more enjoyable and interesting.

The best appetizer contrast to the thick and burnt the stout – and - oysters. With this product the poor of England and Ireland more than 200 years ago drank a beer of this sort. The bitterness and sweetness of the stout harmoniously intersect with the salty taste of the oysters, their soft texture and the scent of the sea. Best with seafood combined Irish oatmeal, sweet and Imperial stouts.

Other seafood to beer of this sort are well suited mussels, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, squid or scallops, if you boil, fry or saute them with spices. But with dried, salty squid and fish stout is better not to drink such products will only ruin the rich taste of the beer.

Another perfect snack to will stout cheese. And the more seasoned it is, the better. Because this beer is strong and heavy enough, and the cheese it is best to choose similar to, for example, fatty cream, Stilton, aged Gouda varieties. The latter, for example, is ideal for the coffee stout.

If you really want stout to drink for a main dish, it is best to combine it with grilled meats. The perfect solution – pork or beef steak, sprinkled with coarse sea salt and pepper. Will be combined this beer with meat, stewed in spicy-sweet sauce, or duck. As snacks are served thin and crispy slices of fried bacon or dry-cured bacon.

With regard to similar in taste to a combination of appetizers, that is, of course, will be all kinds of desserts. Any stout can be drunk with chocolate cakes, for example, with gentle brownie. But especially combined with such a dessert coffee or chocolate stouts. Oatmeal and Irish stouts perfect for delicate tiramisu or crème brulee. This beer as you can drink with Panna cotta, rice pudding and, of course, ice cream.

As the taste of the stout is present sweetness mixed with burnt bitterness, sweet dessert is the perfect complement to this beer. Of course, it would be better if stout with notes of vanilla will be able to choose a snack containing the same spice. Then the taste of the beer will be even more pronounced.