Meat in French

So, if you have a slow cooker gathering dust at home and you don't know what to do with it, then cook in this unit French meat. You will need:

- the flesh of pork – 0,5 kg;

- tomatoes – 2 PCs.;

- hard cheese – 200 g;

- mayonnaise – 4 tbsp;

- vegetable oil – 1 tsp.;

- spices to your taste.

Meat wash and cut into pieces of desired size. Place the pork in a deep bowl, add your favorite spices and mayonnaise. All carefully stir by hand to each piece of meat was covered with sauce. Now grease the bowl multivarki vegetable oil, put the pork in one layer. Wash tomatoes, slice into rounds (not too thin) and spread on meat. On top of all sprinkle with cheese, shredded on a coarse grater.

Close the lid multivarki and set the mode "Baking" for 40 minutes. Serve the meat hot or warm.

Pork with pineapple

In multivarka can be cooked very tender and melting in the mouth pork with pineapple. You will need:

- the flesh of pork – 0,5 kg;

- large onions – 2 PCs.;

- half of a fresh pineapple;

- butter – 50 g;

- ground pepper and salt to taste.

Rinse pork and cut into thin plates. Carefully drop each piece, make sure the meat is not torn. Arch prepared the pork with your favorite seasonings. Pineapple peel and remove the middle. Chop the fruit medium-sized pieces. Chop onion half-rings.

Take part of butter and brush over the bowl multivarki. Lay products layers: onions, meat, then pineapple. Alternate layers until you have the ingredients. Over products distribute the remaining oil, cut into small pieces. Now close the lid of the unit and set the mode "Pastries" for 40-50 minutes. This pork in the slow cooker goes great with any side dish and fresh vegetables.