How to cook pork kebab in multivarku Redmond

You will need:

- one kilogram of pork;

- juice of one lemon;

- teaspoon grated ginger (you can substitute dried);

- a tablespoon of soy sauce;

- three onions;

- teaspoon ground coriander;

- salt and pepper (to taste).

Onion peel, cut in large rings and a good mash it with a pinch of salt. Then add to the onions the lemon juice and stir. Rinse the pork in cold water, Pat dry, cut into large cubes, put it to the onions, add grated ginger, pepper, a little coriander and soy sauce, then stir, cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for two to three hours so the meat is marinated well.

After the time put the meat in a bowl multivarki, select the program "control", then the "baking" is "pie", adjust the time in one hour. At the end of cooking do not open the lid of the kitchen appliance for another 10-15 minutes. The pork is ready.

The recipe is a delicious barbecue pork in multivarka Polaris

You will need:

- 500 grams of pulp of pork;

- lemon;

- two onions;

- a tablespoon of mixed spices for kebab";

five tomatoes in own juice;

- Bay leaf;

five of bayberry;


Pork wash, dry and cut into large cubes. Put the meat in a deep bowl, add lemon juice, pepper, spices, Bay leaf, salt and mix. Tomatoes using a blender grind into a puree, add the ground meat and mix again. A bowl, cover with lid or cling film and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours (maximum exposure time is six hours). The passage of time the meat is put in a bowl multivarku, close the lid of the kitchen appliance and set the mode "pastries" for one hour. Once the cooking time ends, stir the meat, close the cover again and set the mode to "mess" for 15 minutes. The pork is ready.