Cucumbers for sushi without serdtsevini

Diced cucumbers are often used for the preparation of rolls, this method of cutting allows you to remove of vegetable seeds and excess liquid. In advance, prepare a clean and dry cutting Board, a sharp knife and long cucumbers. Vegetables it is advisable to take slim as they are smaller seeds.

Thoroughly rinse the cucumber and cut it into pieces that are slightly wider than the palm of your hand. Tails cut, but do not discard, they will need it. If you're preparing the vegetables for rolls, check whether the length of the pieces half the length of the nori sheets. Long cucumbers are cut too short - leave as is.

Blade knife for vegetables should be much longer than the pieces of cucumber to be able at once in a circle to cut the flesh. Of vegetable, which removed the middle parts, neat smooth straw will not work.

Take one piece of cucumber and cut off two or three millimeters of the skin in a circle. In the same way separate the pulp from the core with seeds. Please note, if you cut cucumber for sushi, the middle for this dish in the future cannot be used.

As a result, you must remain flesh, peel, core and tails. The flesh of cucumbers put on the Board and cover the top with the peel, carefully cut the two layers of thin strips. So to cut faster, but if you are afraid that not cope with two pieces, you can repeat this separately for each part of the vegetable. If you decide to use the part with seeds for another dish, and slice it.

How to slice cucumbers into strips with the center

Some fine cucumbers from greenhouses do not have the characteristic expressed by the middle, with large seeds. They can not divide. Such vegetables should be cut into pieces two times shorter than the nori sheet. Then, that straw was nice and smooth, you need to divide the segments into layers. These leaves with a thickness of about 3 mm and should be cut into long flat wedges.

You can use a more simple way, just cut the cucumbers in half and thinly nastrogat their length. The same can be done with solid short cucumber, just thinly slice it lengthwise until smooth straw. Such vegetables will not look perfect since the bars will turn a different color and composition. Some of them will consist only of loose serdtsevini, and the other strips will striped of skin and pulp.