You will need
  • - bell pepper;
  • - cutting Board;
  • water;
  • - a towel
  • - knife or grater-shredder.
Slice the pepper in straws in a variety of ways. With a knife, using a mandolin, grater, shredders and other machines for processing vegetables. The most affordable method of preparation of the straw, cutting it with a knife. Better to use everyday knife with a well sharpened blade. Using a cutting tool, do not forget about safety.
Before starting work the vegetables should be rinsed in warm running water. If you want to use soap or special liquid for washing vegetables. Then, leave the peppers for a while, let them drain extra fluid. Wipe the peppers dry with kitchen towels.
Then, organize workplace, prepare a convenient cutting Board, place it on your desktop. Select vegetables suitable for the volume of a deep bowl. Before cutting the peppers need to be processed, i.e. get rid of unnecessary parts. With a sharp knife, remove each of the fruit of the tail (the peduncle). Each cropped vegetables put in a bowl.
Place the peppers one at a time on a cutting Board horizontally. With a sharp knife cut a small part of the pepper, cut the opposite end. Treat in this way all the fruits. Setting alternately the peppers on a cutting Board in a vertical position, perform the incision on one side. Turn the vegetable, use peelers remove the seeds and the septum, which is inside. This procedure can be performed and a normal kitchen knife. Rinse the product in cold water, blot excess moisture with a napkin.
Expand the peeled pepper, place on a cutting Board with the inner side up. Start to perform cutting in the form of straw, determine its thickness and length. For more short straw, divide each resulting piece of pepper in half or into several parts. Try cutting evenly to the straw to be visually the same.
To obtain a straws of pepper you can use special devices. For example, a vegetable-grater-shredder. Certain replaceable knives for cooking straw should be sharp, made of good steel, is a guarantee of quality cuts. Most of these machines can be configured to various sizes of the slices. To properly use the grinding fixture, we must first study the instructions for use.
Pepper cut into strips can be used for decorating. A variant of slicing is applicable for preparation of various culinary delights.