You will need
  • Meat, fish, seafood, lemon, orange, figs, dates, prunes.
Male potency depends on lifestyle and nutrition. A woman should know how and what to feed a man if she wants to have a strong partner. It is desirable that the patient received proper nutrition for potency since childhood. Because it will affect his future life. Products that contain vitamins E and A, beneficial effect on potency. Vitamin a is found in vegetables and fruits orange. Nuts, seeds, cereals, liver is rich in vitamin E. in addition, the potency is influenced by vitamin B. It is in fish, meat and eggs.
In the diet of man must be fish and meat. This exotic fish such as flounder, has a great impact on the potency. It even called the fish love. In General, any seafood is able to revive the power of men. Especially useful in this regard are considered to be shrimp, mussels, snails, squid, scallops. Seafood is rich in zinc and selenium. These minerals affect the sexual function of men. And in oily marine fish are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone.
Another means for potency is nuts. Very useful are walnuts, pine, pistachio kernels and almonds. They have a lot of vegetable protein, fiber, essential oils, various vitamins and minerals. In the nuts contain this amino acid as arginine. It is good for blood circulation and erectile function. Folk prescription to increase potency is a mixture of nuts with honey. First, grind a variety of nuts (100 grams), so they can better absorb. Then add 1 tbsp of honey. Invite this lovely man a few hours before bedtime or in the morning.
About the beneficial properties of herbs for male potency known since very ancient times. At lunch time, put it in the dishes a little more parsley, spinach, cilantro, dill, onions. These plants contain plant analogs of male sex hormones (Androsterone). Parsley contains apigenin that suppresses the production of female sex hormones in the male body. In addition, the use of parsley will serve as a good prevention of prostatitis. Garlic and onions make the blood rush to the genitals. They increase the production of testosterone and affect the potency.
Eggs are rich in protein, fatty acids, vitamins. The cholesterol located in eggs, essential male body as a building material for hormones. When a man decreases the level of cholesterol, a reduced amount of testosterone. Of course, high cholesterol is also dangerous. This substance is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, leading to blockage of blood vessels and atherosclerosis. Nutritionists say that eggs can be eaten every day, but in small quantities.