Advice 1: What foods stimulate the potency

Questions about how to stimulate the potency has troubled mankind since ancient times. Mention of this can be found in the treatises of Ancient China, India and Greece. Modern studies prove that there are some food products that have a very beneficial effect on stimulating sexual function of the body.
What foods stimulate the potency
Most useful for potency products in large quantities containing vitamins a, E and b, helps the transmission of nerve impulses and the secretion of the male sex hormone - testosterone. For this category of food the Greeks even invented a special name – aphrodisiacs.


Most nut-bearing plants affected very beneficially in stimulating potency. Peanuts, pistachios, nuts contain large quantities of vitamins and minerals. Walnuts, in addition, a lot of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, calcium, sodium and zinc.
These substances are particularly important for the normal functioning of the sex glands, responsible for hormone production.

To improve the potency nuts every day preferably is 70-100 grams. The result will be noticeable within a month.


The most useful for stimulation of sexual function are all varieties of onion: the Welsh onion, green onion, onion, leek, and garlic. These products can be used both in raw form and as components of various dishes.
Based on onions and garlic prepare various tinctures to rebalance hormones, rejuvenation and healing the body and increasing libido.

Turnips and carrots also contain many vitamins and other nutrients. It has long been used for the treatment of various diseases, including impotence. The juice of fresh turnip greens with carrots improves cardiac function, stimulates metabolism, enhances potency.


This is one of the most famous aphrodisiacs. It is traditionally given to the groom in Indian weddings to enhance male power in the first night. It is believed that to enhance the effect, you will need to add the flowers of Jasmine, orchids and marjoram.

In other countries the means to enhance potency is made from honey and crushed walnuts. The effectiveness of these recipes even confirmed by medical research.


A positive effect on potency has boiled fish, especially flounder and mackerel. Very good for the health of the sexual sphere also mussels, crabs, shrimp.
Traditional recipes of strengthening of male power in many countries mentioned the meat of sharks and rays, fish oil and powder, of whalebone.


By studying the properties of the watermelon, American scientists have surprisingly discovered that it contains substances that are natural analogs of the active components of viagra and similar drugs. Vicotorian cause vasodilation, which in turn increases blood circulation and provides more blood flow to the genitals.

Advice 2: The products that are useful for potency

Proper diet not only affects the shape, weight, physical activity, but also on male potency. Complete and balanced menu will help to preserve virility to a ripe old age.
The products that are useful for potency
Experts have identified a number of products that have a beneficial effect on potency. First and foremost is the food rich in protein. Because this food helps produce testosterone – the male hormone. That is why the diet of the representatives of the stronger sex must be present meat and fish. However, meat is recommended to choose low-fat varieties. Otherwise, such food will have a negative impact on virility. The fish is better boiled or steamed, to give preference to the recommended mackerel or flounder. Dairy products should also be present in the diet of men, as they are rich in proteins. For normal potency experts recommend eating chicken and quail eggs. They contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, so necessary to men.
Seafood is also affect the potency of the beneficial effects. Mussels, shrimp, oysters – all are sources of micronutrients, which are so necessary to men. Nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios can be called an "ambulance" for sexual power of men. Nuts contain vitamin E, very useful for potency, but also saturate the body with vegetable protein. By the way, the vitamin E contained in sunflower seeds and vegetable oils. Therefore, all these products must be present in the diet of men.
Another definite "helpers" in the preservation of male power are the vegetables. They contain vitamins and minerals that not only activate the gonads, but also beneficial to the immune system. Celery, cabbage, carrots, turnips, radishes, parsley – these foods nourish the body with nutrients and help to maintain male power.
To sweets that positively affect the potency include cocoa, honey, dried fruit and chocolate. But iced buns and cream cakes, it is better not to eat, as no good effects on the potency they will not have. Those men who love bread, you should give preference to rye or atronomy. These varieties contain vitamin b which is important for good potency. From white bread made from refined flour should be abandoned. It nourishes the body with "fast" carbs but no nutrients does not contain.
To summarize, we can say that to preserve male potency for many years with products – really. Is just a little to watch your diet, give up bad foods, giving preference to healthy food.
To potency is preserved for many years, men should be excluded from the diet of fast food, processed foods and takeaway food.
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