White rice. Today, this type of rice is not in favor with supporters of a healthy diet. It's a refined product in which nutrients contains very little. They are removed during processing, that is, along with the shell. As a result, the grain remains the only high contents of starch, minerals and vitamins is far less than in other untreated varieties.
Brown rice. Much more useful brown brown (or brown) rice. Trubnaya shell with it removed. It retains all the nutrients of whole grains, in particular, vitamin E, PP, carotene, and minerals potassium and magnesium. This rice need to cook longer. If cooking white rice quite twenty minutes, the period of cooking brown rice is increased by half. It is often used for a healthy diet, improves the condition of nails, hair, a beneficial effect on the skin. Japanese scientists have even shown that regular consumption of brown brown rice in food improves memory by 60% and creates the ability to better assimilation of information.
Parboiled rice. In third place utility to supply parboiled rice. It is also cleared from the branny husk, and not before it is subjected to steam treatment. As a result, 80% of the nutrients contained in the shell are not lost but transferred to the grain. The grains of parboiled rice in its raw form have a dirty-yellow color, partially transparent. But when cooked, they become white, do not stick together and feature bright, rich taste. Parboiled rice is a dietary product used for gastritis.
Black rice. This exotic variety of rice is not much we have distributed. The Thais use it for salads and desserts. It has a subtle and original herbal taste. Utility inferior to the brown, but not inferior to white rice. Black rice is an excellent adsorbent, which helps rid the body of unwanted substances including excess sodium.
Red rice. He hails from France, where it has long been considered a weed. In a red rice – the highest protein content compared to all other varieties of rice. It has a strong rice aroma, so it can be used in herb salads and for side dishes. Only 50 grams of red rice to get the daily requirement of protein. And at the same time, it contains in 100 g 350 calories. Rice is easy to follow a diet for dropping weight because you can reduce the amount of food eaten and calculate its calorie.