You will need
  • brown or wild rice;
  • water;
  • earth and peat.
The secret of the healing effect of germs of riceand is in the process of swelling and germination of the seed, the entire stock of nutrients is converted to the active living form. Such substances are already ready to eat: proteins becoming amino acids, starch turns into sugar, the fats are converted into fatty acids, it is well absorbed by the body. Along with the sprout, we get not only biologically active vitamins and minerals, but also the tremendous energy of the newly emerging plant life.
The greatest difficulty in the germination of riceand is to buy seeds. Those seeds that are sold in the store, use pointless, as they went through the process of grinding and germinate. Brown unpolished rice is often found in the sale, its seeds are capable of germination, but this process can take 7 – 10 days. The best choice for germination is considered to be wild rice, because it is harvested by hand and clean. However, with a product for many is expensive.
After the seeds purchased can be priceto topat to their germination. To start rinse the rice in a large amount of cool water. Those grains that have surfaced, it is necessary to remove, they are unusable. Then the rice should be soaked. When choosing detergent for soaking note that the volume of the grains after germination to increase by about half. Washed the rice , place in a dish and pour water so that it just covered it. After 8 – 10 hours rinse the grain under running water and then place it into the dish, moistening periodically for germination. After about two days we could see little white shoots. These grains are ready to eat.
To produce green sprouts (sprouts) it is necessary to place washed seeds in the ground mixed with peat and cover with cardboard or gauze cover to maintain the optimum level of humidity. The sprouts will be ready in 7 – 10 days. We should not grow rice more than 1-2 ml, as it becomes toxic and unfit for food. Also you can't eat unsprouted grains. The resulting sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator, but it is not recommended to keep them there for more than two days.