The Frittata, like in kindergarten

To prepare scrambled eggs for 6 servings you will need 10 selected eggs, 500 ml milk, 60 grams butter and 1 teaspoon of salt. Additionally you need to prepare a tablespoon of butter to grease the pan.

Eggs should be broken into a bowl or deep pan, then add milk, salt. All ingredients should be carefully mix

The secret of cooking this omelet is to use a sufficiently large amount of milk. In addition, it is important to note that milk-egg mixture does not need to be whipped, and you should only stir well. In the dining room omelette on a lot of portions. The chef just has no way to beat products, but only thoroughly mixes them up.

Next you need to grease the pan with butter and pour in the prepared mixture, then put it in a preheated 200oC oven. Bake the omelet should be for 30 minutes. To open the oven during cooking is not necessary.

As soon as the omelette is ready, you need to turn off the oven, remove the broiler. After the dish cools, should be cut into its portion pieces, each of which is put on an individual plate. The butter should be cut into 6 pieces and put each piece on a serving of scrambled eggs.

Some secrets of cooking of scrambled eggs

In order dish turned out incredibly delicious, it is desirable to use only selected fresh eggs. Milk is better to choose a home. It has a much higher fat content than that which is produced at dairy plants. It is not suitable for making scrambled eggs milk, which has been made from powder or UHT long-life products.

In some messes it is customary to add to the scrambled eggs a little flour, but really the dish turns out very dense and delicious without this ingredient.

Some believe that chef kindergartens added to the omelet special components that allow it not to fall during baking. This is absolutely not true. If the owner wants to ensure that the pieces were high enough, she needs to pick up form with high bumpers. You need to fill it about 2/3, as the egg-milk mass tends to increase in size when baking.