The similarity of tastes

Many connoisseurs can't prefer one thing, sea bass or Dorado. Two of these because the meat of fish is known to all for its incredible juiciness and tenderness. It practically melts in your mouth giving the pleasure of eating. Both of these types of meat are dietary product, rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals, have a subtle, evoking a pleasant aroma and special flavor, which is not so easy to find other fishing representatives.

In some countries these two kinds of meat are served on the same plate as the fish platter and considered one of the most delicious combinations. If you cook them in one recipe, less experienced palates will be rather difficult to determine where the meat of one fish, and where the other. But true connoisseurs probably easily cope with the task.

The main differences

Despite the similarity of tastes, the differences between sea bass and Dorado, there are still. Dorado meat has a firm texture, while the bass is felt more tender and crumbly. Many of the most devoted fans of these two types of meat will never identify with what tastes better - the sea bass or Dorado.


Meat Dorado can rightly be called one of the most diet. It can be used under any dietary restrictions and those who carefully monitors the daily calories consumed food. The meat of the sea bass has more fat, but only by a little, which also puts it in the number of products allowed for weight control or weight loss.


The aroma of these two types of meat are also different. Each of them has its specific individual smell. Here everything is based on personal preferences and taste.

What is better to use

As you can see, a simple answer which is better, sea bass or Dorado, is impossible. Both types of fish are a real delicacy and culinary delights that will appeal to many. They combine perfectly with practically all the side dishes and vegetables, appetizers, salads, and many others. Ideally suited to red wine.

To finally determine the choice, it is necessary to try both options. But this method does not mean that eventually you will be able to make a definite decision. Try and choose to your taste. It is better to start with the baked fish.