To cook the risotto according to the classic recipe will need two containers or pots, rice, onions and broth. Then the dish depends entirely on your imagination, you can add tomatoes, pumpkin, asparagus, artichokes, meat, fish and many more.

A few Golden rules to cooking a proper risotto:

Use only the correct figure. The most delicious risotto obtained from the varieties ARBORIO, CARNAROLI, VIALONE NANO. These varieties do not stick together when cooked and produce a creamy krakhmalopatochnyi liquid, which is the basis of risotto. Risotto is cooked by adding to it liquid. Remember that the liquid should be hot. Risotto requires patience and constant attention, so before cooking the rice, finish all associated business. Time cooking risotto — 17 minutes, so watch carefully for the timer. The calculation of time should start from the moment when the rice hit the pan.

For making a classic risotto Alla Milanese you will need broth, cheese, white wine, butter, onion, natural saffron and of course rice. The best broth for risotto is considered to be chicken broth. To prepare it you'll need meat — the chicken ideally, onion, black pepper, parsley, wine, fresh peas, lemon zest. Before cooking chicken should be well washed, divide into pieces and put in pan. Add the pinch of salt, then pour in water (preferably use drinking). Add to the pan pepper, lightly crushed with a knife, onion, halved and carrots, cut into large chunks. Decided to add parsley, celery, etc. — do it after boiling.

Put the saucepan on a high heat and wait until the broth comes to a boil, then reduce heat. Remove a scum. Cook the chicken for 2 hours. Half an hour before end of cooking, add wine. Stock ready to drain and cool, then remove from the surface of the frozen fat.

Now proceed to the rice. First we need to fry onions and carrots on low heat until then, until the onions lose their color. If you are using other vegetables, fry them together with onions and carrots. Pour into the pan the rice, and stir quickly. To disturb you need it without stopping for 30 seconds, until the rice reaches a Golden brown outside and white inside. Then pour in the rice wine, and continuously stir until then, until the smell of alcohol, and the liquid is absorbed.

The wine sunk — start adding the broth. A quick circular motion, pour the broth into the rice and stir with a wooden spoon. Stir the rice once every 30 seconds, until, until the liquid is absorbed. Add a ladle of broth and stir again.

When the rice is half ready, add the mushrooms, seafood or other ingredients you have selected and then add the broth and continue to stir. Instead of seafood, you can add a Cup of broth with saffron. When ready, remove rice from heat, and not touch it for a minute.

Then add in the rice, butter and finely grated cheese and quickly mix until smooth. Now arrange the rice on plates, only don't tell anyone what to cook risotto so easy!