Advice 1: How to disable the lock screen

Disabling the screen after some idle time the computer is programmed almost all used today in home and office environment operating systems. This is done to reduce energy consumption and increase of resource efficiency of displays. It is possible to cancel or adjust.
How to disable the lock screen
If you disable the lock screen need in Windows 7, press the Win button or click on the "start" button and in the box that says "search programs and files" drop-down menu, enter the text "Pete". This operating system enough to find and list their components, relevant to the settings of conservation of energy. In this list you will need a component called "setup off screen" - run it by clicking the mouse.
Expand the dropdown list located on the page of this component opposite to "Disable display". In the list you can choose one of the options delay before disabling or even deactivate this feature by selecting the bottom line is "Never." In a similar way and adjust the value in the "put the computer to sleep" and then commit the new configuration by clicking "Save changes".
If disabling the display you want to undo in Windows XP, begin with clicking the right button of the mouse on the background picture on the desktop. This action calls a context menu where you should choose the bottom row - Properties. After running the component responsible for the settings screen, go to the tab "Screensaver" and click on the "Power" button, open the settings window of properties of power supply.
Select "never" in the drop-down list "display", "system Standby" and "Hibernate after", if you want to disable the lock screen radically. You can install a soft option by choosing one of the time intervals in these lists. Then click OK and the changes will be saved.

Advice 2: How to install a lock on the computer

There are times when it is necessary to protect the computer from unauthorized access. This can be done with a password that is known only to the owner of the PC. To install a lock on the computer, you must perform several actions.
How to install a lock on the computer
The password can be protected not only login, but the computer resumes from standby. To set the password via the menu "start", open "control Panel". In the category of "user Accounts", select the same name of the icon or the task "Change an account".
In the opened window, select the Administrator account of the computer. After the window refreshes, click the left mouse button on the instructions of "create a password". In the first field that appears, enter the password that will be required on each boot of the operating system.
In the second field enter the password coined again. Remember that in this case are case-sensitive. The third field is for password on. If you don't need it, you can leave the field blank. Click on the "Create password".
The window refreshes and you are prompted to make your personal files and folders. If you are the only user of the machine, this precaution will be unnecessary. Click on the "No." Create a password to be completed.
When the computer is idle for a certain time, the screen goes blank. To bring it out of this mode, press any key or move the mouse. If you want the PC output this mode is requested the password, call the component "display Properties".
On the "control Panel" select "appearance and themes" and "icon Display" or right click mouse on any blank area of the desktop and select from the drop-down menu item "Properties".
In the dialog box, click the tab "Screensaver" and set the marker in the field "password Protection" under "energy Saving". Apply the new settings. This option will only work if the computer selected any screensaver.
On the same tab click on the "Power" button, a new window will open "power options Properties". Go to the "Advanced" tab and set the marker in the field "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby". Click "Apply" and close the window.

Advice 3: How to disable the lock screen on the tablet

Almost every mobile device has a special mode that runs after a certain amount of time. This mode is called the lock screen.
How to disable the lock screen on the tablet

Lock screen

Every mobile device after a certain period of time for which this device is not used, goes into screen lock mode. It is worth noting that in recent versions of mobile devices began to appear a variety of widgets that you can display on your lock screen and use them. Of course, if the user needs quick access to the device and its functions, then this screen will only interfere. Therefore, it may be better if you just disable it.

Lock screen can be: GUI password entering the pin code or just drag the slider. It is worth noting that the graphic lock and the pin code is the best option, as no one except you will not be able to access the device and the confidential information will not be affected, and therefore, it is better to use such options for the lock screen.

Disable lock screen

To disable the screen lock, simply open the mobile device menu and go to "Settings" and there select "Security". Appears a rather large list where you want to find and select the "Lock screen". Here the user can specify different values, and to disable it just select the corresponding item ("Disable" or "Cancel"). After applying these changes, the device will automatically switch to desktop immediately after pressing the power button. In the end, the screen will just go blank, but no lock screen will be gone. In order to get her back, you must be in the same section and select "Enable".

It is worth remembering that the lock screen (with password) - the perfect way to protect the information stored on your device from unauthorized persons. of Course, if you remove the lock screen, then people with access to your device can know your confidential information, and in case of loss of the mobile device, they will be able to fully use it. In this regard, it turns out that if you have a need to disable the lock screen, think about the installation of various security applications. Today, they are not difficult to find, for example, in the Google Play Market or AppStore. Some of them allow the user to remotely lock the device or completely wipe out his memory and all files. This is especially true in the case if your phone or tablet has been lost or stolen.

Advice 4: How to disable antivirus on the computer

While working in the Internet computer is vulnerable. Viruses, malware and other security threats may seriously complicate life of user. To protect the system from risks associated with access to the Internet, there are antivirusing FOR. But sometimes there are situations when virus protection is turned off.
How to disable antivirus on the computer
Antivirus programs from time to time determine as the malicious software is completely innocent and desired user file. This is especially true when you install new apps, also threat can be recognized some files to run games. If you are sure that install or launch your files do not contain threats, is disabled at the time an antivirus on their computer.
Icon active antivirus program is usually reflected in the notification area of the "taskbar" (at the bottom right of the screen where the clock is located). If you do not see the icon of your antivirus, expand the notification area by clicking on the button with the arrows pointing to the right on the "taskbar". If the "task Bar" is hidden, press the Windows key on the keyboard.
Click on the icon for your antivirus program, right-click and check the items drop-down menu. When antivirus is enabled, in menu marker is opposite the appropriate item ("Enabled", "Enabled", Enabled, Active, On, and so on). Remove a token from this item by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
In rare cases, in the drop down menu does not contain commands to deactivate antivirus. Then you have two options: either disable means that is responsible for blocking dangerous programs and viruses, or disable the antivirus application. In the first case, go to the settings of your antivirus program and put the desired component in the Disabled state (for example, AVG antivirus is a component Resident Shield).
In the second case, click the icon for the antivirus, right-click and select menu "Exit" (Exit). If not, close the application using "task Manager". Enter on the keyboard the Ctrl, Alt and Del, in the window "Manager" tab "Processes", locate the process of anti-virus, select it with the left mouse button and click "End process".
Useful advice
Don't forget to activate the antivirus the next time you log in the Internet.

Advice 5: How to disable the keyboard

Without a keyboard it is impossible to imagine any desktop or notebook computer, because despite the existence of this device entering text information and control various functions of the computer remains one of the most convenient.
How to disable the keyboard

However, in some cases, the need arises to disable the keyboard. The reason may be her fault (broken keyboard can spontaneously generate pressing any keys, making the computer impossible even for applications that allow you to do without text entry), and the availability of alternative keyboard (e.g., connecting an external keyboard to the laptop is quite logical to turn off the primary to protect against accidental operation). Sometimes it is necessary to lock the keypad to prevent access of children to running in the system processes.

To disable the keyboard can offer several key ways:

  1. Physical disconnection. If for desktop it is not difficult for even the most inexperienced user, in the case of the laptop keyboard will require some skill and accuracy, although difficulties by turning off the keyboard also does not usually occurs in laptop it is likewise connected to the motherboard with a special cable, which is easy to locate and carefully disconnect. When opening the laptop case be careful: violation of seals may deprive you of the opportunity to obtain a warranty service.

  2. Using the command "rundll32 keyboard,disable" allows you to lock the keyboard until the next reboot of the system. The command is entered at the command prompt (start — Programs — accessories — Command prompt) or the Run window (start — Run).

  3. To implement the keypad lock enable some third-party utilities such as LockWin, providing sophisticated tools to block the various functions of the operating system or Toddler Keys, specially designed to protect your computer from children. Latest utility by pressing the keys displays funny pictures and play sounds, allowing at the same time entertain the child and to protect the information and applications of your computer from unauthorized use.

  4. To protect your computer from children can be used another simple trick: keep next to the computer with another keyboard connected to nothing. It will allow for some time to divert the attention of the baby

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