Many tend to regard solely as a Puer Chinese tea, but at the moment it appears the modern Northern province of China belonged to Tibet. The properties and taste of this drink was appreciated since ancient times: Puer excellent tones and invigorates, has a specific pleasant aroma and delicate taste. Best features of this drink are revealed only when properly brewed, it is necessary to have not only specific knowledge and skill, but also a necessary tool.

Utensils for brewing puerh

For the tea ceremony utensils used exclusively of glass or porcelain. Of course, the original material for tea kettles and glasses is a Chinese black stone clay, but such services belong to the category of exclusive products and are very expensive. Metal utensils can spoil the taste of PU-erh, and clay vessels quickly absorb its flavor. The set should have several glasses of tea and the gaiwan and Chachi - capacity for brewing.

Cooking tea infuser

PU-erh is Packed into compressed tablets or disks of different sizes. Tea should be chipping in large chunks, while generated in the process of grinding the small chips are usually discarded. The amount of tea required depends on the number of guests participating in the tea ceremony. Each must break off one-half slice of pressed tea with a size of half a pinky.

Water for brewing puerh

With special attention need to approach the selection of water for brewing puerh. Tap water contains chlorine, so its use is excluded. It is better to take spring or artesian water, although any suitable natural source. You can also use filtered or bottled water. Water from the well will need to clear through a homemade sand and charcoal filter, thus eliminating the excess of rigidity and filtering the liquid from the slurry of fine sand and limestone. Brewing PU'er need the water cooled down after boiling to 90 degrees.

Fine cooking

Chopped PU-erh tea you need to invest in a gaiwan and pour over boiling water uncool. After a few seconds the liquid spill through the sieve of chachani and fill her wineglass, poured the rest evenly on the table with holes, spreading the fragrance and causing guests a foretaste of the pleasure from tea. The gaiwan is filled again with boiling water, with a lid you need to banish the formed foam and cover capacity. Of glasses that has managed to warm, the liquid should be poured on the table. Usually use tea tables made of wood or bamboo: they are saturated with moisture and slowly exude a pleasant intoxicating aroma.

After the hot water from the drinks poured, the room will hover already a distinct smell of PU-erh, which guests will enjoy for one and a half minutes of brewing tea. Rinse the tea need to remove dirt, and to obtain full disclosure of leaves. Raw PU'er is washed one time, while the black variety of this tea before brewing pour over boiling water twice. Add sugar PU'er is highly undesirable, but the drink you can snack on sweet flaky biscuits.