You will need
  • Oranges, knife, electric or manual juicer, blender or food processor.
Preparation of orange juice in a regular juicer
Fresh orange juice simple to prepare at home. For its preparation requires only one ingredient – fresh oranges. First and foremost, you need to carefully rinse each fruit. Take a well sharpened knife and peel the citrus from the peel, then slice the fruit and remove the seeds from them. Put orange slices in a conventional juicer and, after selecting the necessary settings, turn it on.

To correctly calculate the necessary amount of juice, it should be assumed that from one fruit you can get up to 100-120 ml of pure juice.
Fresh orange juice in a special citrus juicer
Juicing in a special citrus juicer is the simplest way. For this you need to wash the oranges, divide each pepper in the citrus line into two halves, with peel should not be removed. Remove the orange halves, the seeds, after which slices need to be put on the rotating mechanism of the juicer pulp down, pressing lightly on the fruit on top.
Special citrus juicer can be electric and manual. However, the principle of extracting the juice in the other juicer of the same, but only the manual will require more effort. You can also note that if you use a juicer manual type, you can add the pulp into the juice. To do this, take a small spoon and vystrelit orange pulp, then add into the drink. Juice get the most satisfying.
If you have no electric or manual juicer, then the orange juice can be prepared using a blender or food processor. Rinse and clean the fruit, chop them into small pieces of size 3 see If there are any bones, remove them. Put the pieces in the device and in the mode of pulsation grind to a medium level. Then you can enable continuous mode and grind the fruit up until they will turn into mush.
The preparation of fresh orange juice without the help of the available tools and kitchen appliances. Take a clean orange and carefully knead it in your hands, then divide into two halves. First hands squeeze the juice from one slice, then from the second. Thus obtained pure juice and no pulp.
After making orange juice you need to drink through a straw, because it reduces the risk of getting citrus juice on tooth enamel. So you will be able to maintain a healthy smile and enjoy a pleasant taste.