The sauce to meat patties

Since after frying the meat patties are pretty dry, then it is best served with sauces. Perfectly accentuate the taste of meat tomato sauce, which can be tomatoes or tomato paste. For cooking enough to fry until Golden brown a tablespoon of flour in butter, add to it the required amount of tomato paste, about 100 ml of beef broth. Separately it is necessary to roast the onion, carrots, and then mix everything with the sauce. Salt and pepper in this case, it is added to taste at the very end of cooking.

Garlic, Basil, bell pepper, chili, parsley – all of these ingredients can be added to tomato sauce to meat cutlets. Some Housewives even pour the fried meatballs the sauce and then stewed under a lid for a few minutes. Cooked this way the chicken meat will never seem dry.

A variety of sauces for meatballs

As the fish cakes more tender consistency, they will be combined perfectly with cream sauces. Very quickly you can prepare a classic Bechamel, which appeals to many. For it will need:
- 3-5 tbsp of flour;
- 1 onion;
- 3-4 tbsp of butter;
- 1 Cup milk or cream;
5.5 Cup beef broth;
- salt and pepper to taste.
Initially pan you need to heat the butter, add to it the flour and fry it until Golden brown. The onion must be finely chopped, a bit of fry and combine with flour, broth, milk or sour cream. Salt and spices are added to taste, and the sauce must boil on very low heat.

When there is no time that will be enough to mix the sour cream, lemon juice, favorite herbs and salt. The resulting sauce to pour any chicken, thus giving a new taste quite familiar dish.

If you want something more spicy or savory, you can prepare the sauce with garlic-based cream. Ingredients you will need:
- 250 g of sour cream or cream;
- 3 garlic cloves;
salt, parsley, dill, cilantro.
Greens and garlic should finely chop and mix with sour cream, salt. This sauce is prepared in minutes and is suitable for mushroom, potato and vegetable cutlets.

Sauces is a great way of presenting any dish taste in the new format. For meatballs you can simultaneously cook multiple sauces which everyone will choose according to your taste preference.