You will need
  • cold water – ½ Cup, 2 large eggs, teaspoon of salt, flour – 2 cups.
Ingredients for the classic recipe for dumpling dough are eggs, flour, salt and water. Attempt to make the dumplings taste better, and kneaded the dough with milk, will not succeed. The broth will become cloudy, because the dumplings will quickly fall apart. Many use the custard method for making dumpling dough, but this recipe is better suited for fruit dumplings, as this dough is too tender and soft. Quality flour for the dumpling dough - a guarantee that it will turn out really good. The need to use flour only the highest or first grade, with a high content of gluten, otherwise the dumplings will fall apart. To determine how good it turned out the dough, cutting the finished ball: if the slice has no cracks and inclusions flour, you can start making dumplings.
In order not to face the fact that the dough is too tight or liquid, should not rely on intuition when measuring flour and water, it is only by a very experienced hostess. It is better to use a measuring Cup, then the proportions will be respected correctly. Water to prepare dumpling dough is better to use boiled, but to cool it to room temperature. The spacious capacity break the eggs, add salt and water, and all carefully mix. The flour you need to pre-sift into a separate bowl and then in a thin stream, with constant stirring, introduce into the liquid. In the container the dough is kneaded until the complete homogeneity and elasticity. Then spread on clean and dry table, previously sprinkled with a layer of flour, cover with a clean towel or cloth, leave for 20 minutes. This is necessary in order for the gluten in the flour is soaked and the dough has got flexibility. After this period the dough is completely kneaded, if necessary, adding flour, and put into the fridge for a couple of hours.
Every woman adheres to its proportions and methods of mixing that were worked out over the years, and recipes, which are inherited from mothers or grandmothers. Many prefer to sift the flour slide directly on the table and pour the prepared mixture of egg, water and salt in a thin stream in a depression made in the flour. Someone adds butter or oil when making, believing that this will give the dough improved the taste quality. Instead of water used buttermilk or whey, but the classic recipe is recognized as the most suitable for making dumpling dough.