The ingredients and proportions

To prepare the dough for ravioli (per one kilogram of minced meat) you will need:

  • wheat flour -3 cups,
  • chicken eggs – 2 pieces,
  • cold water – 0.5 cups (100 ml).

If desired, the dough can add salt, but not necessarily: the dumplings are usually boiled in salted water. Many Housewives make the dumpling dough without eggs, just flour and water. However, it is the eggs, acting as an excellent binder, allow the dough to purchase the required density and elasticity. Please note! In culinary recipes, the proportions are calculated on the assumption that the weight of the egg without the shell is about 50 grams. This corresponds to the eggs of the second category (marked C2). If you use large eggs category C1 or C0, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water one or two tablespoons respectively.

The dough recipe for dumplings step by step

 Как приготовить тесто для пельменей

  1. Slide, pour the sifted flour in a wide bowl or on a clean work surface. Push the hand up to the top of the hill and make a hole, resembling the mouth of a volcano (it is called the "crater" or "pit").
  2. Pour in the deepening of the eggs.
  3. Start slowly beat the eggs with a fork, gradually adding flour. Watch the egg mass was not poured over the edge of the crater.
  4. Small portions (1-2 tablespoons) pour the water. Keep stirring. At this stage it may seem that this amount of liquid is not enough, but it is important to "keep" itself, and not to violate the proportions by adding more water. Otherwise the dough for the dumplings can be dense enough.
  5. When zagustevanii the dough will begin to receive cereal flour, continue kneading with your hands. Evenly collect the palm of the flour from the edges of the slides and pour into the center, pressing to the molten mass. As curing of the test increase the pressure. Continue until until the dough will absorb all the flour.
  6. The resulting mass knead vigorously with both hands. You should have a dense and homogeneous elastic dough that does not stick to hands.
  7. Form the dough into a bun, wrap it in plastic or put in a bowl and cover. Leave to "rest" and a time for 20-30 minutes. You can then proceed to rolling the dough and making dumplings.

Useful tips

Как приготовить пельменное тесто Manufacturer of dough for ravioli – a matter that requires strong hands. The more test needs to be done – the more effort will be needed for kneading. Therefore, if you plan to sculpt a large batch of dumplings – the dough can be divided into 2-3 portions and knead each separately.

So the dough did not get pieces of the shell, you can first crack the eggs into a Cup, lightly beat the content, and only then pour in the flour.

Dumpling dough can be made by color, replacing the water in the recipe for beet juice or spinach, these colorful dumplings are usually very good with children.

The dough for dumplings or homemade noodles made by the same recipe as the dough for dumplings. However, for cooking dumplings it is usually rolled out not so subtly.