First of all, refresh your knowledge of biology. In the human body a huge number of muscles, each of which requires separate exercises to work out. Exercises with dumbbells great variety, but within each there are variations. The pivot arms 90 degrees from parallel to the head direction, when performing a divorce hand on a straight bench would be to use a different muscle group.


Important warm-up before training. Stretching, vigorous jumping jacks, sit UPS, rubbing is do to blood flow to the muscles, five minutes is enough. Muscles should be hot. So it is possible to avoid breaks and sprains that lead from the rhythm of the workouts for weeks. It is absolutely not necessary. A good warm-up will run, its just better to do before you start strength training.

Take the burden on yourself

Weight necessary to take on your own. Rookie mistake – to overestimate the forces and to take absolutely overweight. Need results, not the broken back. Again, focusing on the needs. Train terrain and endurance – less weight, more repetitions. Need a large amount of weight large. The best would be the program steps. At the beginning of training get a small weight, to exercise, until 15 reps will not be given easily. After you add 5 pounds, repeat. Believe me, from what you once lifted a dumbbell weight as your muscles will be no more. Moderation is the key to success.

The drill

Taking the weight, start the exercise. Bench on the bench sitting is done as follows. The backrest is in the upright position. Sit down, legs a little apart. Take the dumbbells in bent at the elbows, palms away from you. Slowly squeeze up, describing the end of the movement a small arc. Exhale at the top point. Need to sit with a straight back. Bench press: lie on your back, the shoulder blades a little rotten. Bent dumbbells in hands, palms at chest level. Slowly up on outstretched arms, exhale down. Divorce dumbbells are also lying down, arms bend quite a bit, dumbbells parallel to the body. Low should not be omitted. Must be the feeling of tense muscles. So you are working on the deltoid muscles and the triceps.

Dumbbells help you to work and oblique muscles in the abdominal press. Take one dumbbell, press down on the lowered arm to the torso, bend sideways to her, go back to the original. 15 reps – change hand. Set 4 approach would be optimal.