For chest muscles good exercise - the layout of dumbbells from a lying position. Lie on a bench or other hard horizontal surface. Stretch your arms in front of him at chest level. The hands should be turned inwards. On inhale arms out to side. The elbow is slightly bent. Give up until, until you feel that the chest muscles are well stretched. Raise arms slowly and do not lower them really low (especially when a large weight of dumbbells), not to hurt your shoulders and elbows. On the exhale, sweep the arms to the starting position.
Hand muscles strengthen activity – thrust dumbbells to his belt. It should perform the drawing on the bench. First place the left knee on the bench and your right foot should leave the floor slightly bent. Your position must be sustainable. Lean forward so your back was in a horizontal position. The left hand put on the bench, and the right hand take the dumbbell. It should not touch the floor. On the inhale pull the dumbbell to your chest, exhale lower to the starting position. The palm should be turned inwards. After a few repetitions of exercises on the right arm, do the same with the left. This exercise can be complicated and perform it without the support of knee. Take dumbbells in both hands, lean forward, knees slightly bend and follow the traction to the belt.
Sit on a bench, take a dumbbell. Slightly lean forward, elbows firmly press the body and alternately lifting weights. Such exercises are well develop chest muscles and biceps. On the inhale lift the dumbbell to your chest, exhale lower it to the starting position.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Take dumbbells in both hands and simultaneously raise them to breath in front of him, and then arms out to the sides and exhale lower down.
Leg muscles can be strengthened by sit-UPS with dumbbells. Take them in both hands, put on his shoulders, turning the palms inward. The feet on width of shoulders. The breath goes down, exhale push yourself to the starting position. The number of repetitions and approaches of any exercise will depend on your stamina and physical fitness.