Chicken egg is the standard value of nutrients. Considering the fact that of chicken eggs appears in the relevant conditions of the chicken, you can guess about its benefits. Two main components of eggs can together or separately be beneficial to the body.

Since everyone is different, and needs are also different. But everyone will understand that eggs are healthier for him. But this was in order.

Useful than the yolk

In fact, the largest concentration of nutrients is in the yolk. It contains very important vitamins. Carotene, from which in the human body vitamin a, has strong immunostimulatory properties. Vitamin E plays a major role in the activities of the reproductive organs. The yolk is rich in trace elements and minerals. Use it in any form it is important for pregnant women.

The answer to the question about what is better – the yolk or the protein obvious. Vitamin D, which is nowhere to be found in such large numbers, it is necessary not only pregnant, but a growing child's body. It prevents rickets. The yolk contains the fat, which is responsible for assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins listed.

Folic acid and a large amount of phosphorus contained in the yolk, it is extremely necessary for people who are engaged in mental work.

However, the present cholesterol is alarming many. Indeed, its presence does not allow you to eat a lot of eggs because of the possibility of atherosclerosis. You can not use the yolks of elderly people and those who do not lead an active lifestyle. Need a lot of energy to deal with cholesterol and fat. For this reason, those who lose weight, refuse food yolk.

What is useful in a protein

Superior quality protein is the ability to absorb up to 98%. It contains substances that are needed for building cells. The provision of phospholipids allows to reduce the level of cholesterol. Matter how contradictory this may sound, but it is a fact. On this basis, it is possible to notice that eating whole eggs will not cause growth cholesterol. This balance makes the egg is nutritious and healthy.

Protein for weight loss due to the lack of fat is very useful. It is digested for about three hours. And protein requires energy in the breakdown of substances. So, what to eat, the yolk or protein, to decide according to circumstances.

What to choose

A healthy person needs at least two or three times a week to eat the egg. Proper nutrition, exercise and the observance of the water balance will help you not to worry about the increased cholesterol levels.