Among the Russian fans of tasty and healthy food there are many dishes that can be prepared from the bracken, but the most popular is a plant in saline. Fern, cooked by the skillful hostess, has excellent taste and is a wonderful and nutritious snack for any meal. The most popular are two methods of salting shoots of bracken.

The first way

This way, bracken can persist in a salted for 1-2 years. For pickling you will need: actually the leaves of the wonder plant, salt, water and glass jars.

First you need to prepare the fern, removing plants with brown scales that may be present in closed spirals. The best way to do this is to boil the plant in salt water for fifteen minutes and then rinse under running water.

Thoroughly wash the bracken, it should be stacked dense layers in sterilized jars. Preparing salt solution (15 grams of salt per 1 liter of water), pour on them the bracken and roll. Banks buried by ferns need to turn in upside down and leave to cool slightly. After the dish has cooled, it is possible to take in food.

The second way

The second method of salting the bracken is popularly called dry. The recipe is quite simple.

A number of fresh bracken should be thoroughly washed, then laid in layers in a bowl for pickling. Each layer of the fern need to pour salt. Calculation of salt – 2 kg, 5 kg plants. After adding salt, you should put a dish under pressure. For these purposes, you can use a jar filled with water. Bear shoots of the fern in a cool and dry place for three weeks should drain the liquid, place them in a glass jar and add more salt, 5 kg of bracken – 1 kg of salt. With this method of salting the sample can be removed in approximately three weeks.

Hostess note: bracken is suitable not only for pickling, but also for cooking meat dishes, soups, salads and garnish. In addition to food, this plant is often used as a medicinal. In particular, infusions and decoctions of the bracken take in diseases of the endocrine system, pain in the stomach, hemorrhoids, diathesis, bronchitis, ear aches and stomach ulcers.