You will need
    • Fern
    • water
    • salt
    • glass jars or enameled container.
Treat the fern before preparing for salting. Your task is to completely remove the brown scales that may remain in closed spirals. These scales are not digested and can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. To do this, take a sufficiently large amount of salt water and boil it shoots of a fern. Strauser need to boil about 5 minutes, bracken cooked about 15 minutes after boiling. Then drain and rinse the sprouts several times in running water.
Boiled in this way the fern tightly put in jars, steam sterilized before doing this. Then pour boiling salt solution (15 g in 1 litre) roll up covers. Then wrap the inverted cans in a blanket and leave them to cool down. Harvested thus the fern is permanently stored at any temperature.
Also there is another method of salting is the so - called dry method. Take the fresh shoots of a fern and place in an enamel container or glass jar in layers, alternating layers with salt. It is best to use coarse salt. The proportions of salt and bracken take the following: 3-4 kg of salt, 10 kg of a fern.
Then on top of the fern, put a plate and put the yoke (you can use a jar of water). One of the important conditions of this Ambassador - cool temperature of the air in the room where there will be a container with ferns.
After 2-3 weeks, drain the juice and place half the fern in a glass jar, seal shoots, add more salt (only now at the rate of 2 kg per 10 kg of fern) and the banks close the plastic lids, throwing them is not necessary. Place the jars in the cellar or refrigerator. Fern will doolitte few weeks and will be ready to use.