Modern user working with the computer, don't even think about what processes occur inside the system unit that represents the operating system and how it functions.

Operating system

The operating system is a collection of software which implements the processing of information to transfer it into the device to accomplish a computer task. Without operating system computer is only set rail elements linked together. Operating system allows user to conveniently work with information without worrying about how data is being processed.

Windows 7

The clearer and easier the working interface of the operating system, the more popularity it enjoys in the consumer. So, currently the most popular operating system is Windows7. Studies have shown that most users prefer this operating system, which was replaced at the time of Windows XP.

Indeed this version are ease of management, virtually no "glitch" allows you to upload a large number of applications, is ease in installation and frequent updates. This is the complete version, is able to keep the peak of popularity for several years.

There was an attempt to make a popular eighth version of Windows, but it immediately failed. Moreover, the developer initially hoped that the new system will be more used in tablets, not laptops.
Along with multiple versions of Windows, there are other operating systems.

Other operating systems

So, Linux, specially created for the user and offer completely free, completely easy to handle. Moreover, he has a unique sheath that does not require additional software – antivirus. This allows for faster processing of data. Somehow this operating system is not caught, although the developers have specifically customized interface under Windows, and also released some compatible apps, including toys.
According to statistics, Linux uses 1% of the total number of users.

MacOS is an interesting operating system, which was chosen as a baseline about 8 % of users. But for those who are used to working with any Windows version, to master this operating system will be difficult. Moreover, it is not susceptible to applications in other systems.

Some personal computers are equipped with built-in operating system MacOS and users are just not able to use the device for its intended. All "blame" accessible and friendly Windows interface, vlyubivshis a huge number of users.

Windows operating system the most popular. It is prefered almost 90 % of users. This applies to versions 95, 98, XP, 7, 8 and so on. Well, the most popular version - Windows 7.