You will need
  • Laptop, software.
Give preference to the classics. On the market for operating systems there is a choice for different user population. If you are an ordinary user, who is working on laptop computer necessary for ordinary purposes, be it entertainment, work with office software or something else, then your best choice would be Windows operating system. I must say that it's not so simple. Operating systems Windows enough to choose among them. Talking about this version like Window XP would be true 10 years ago, but now she's not popular, and Microsoft not long ago announced that it would stop supporting and updating this version. In recent years the most popular version of Windows is Vista and 7.
Windows Vista, in turn, has several varieties. Unfortunately, each of them has its drawbacks. One of them, Vista Starter, designed for beginners and suitable for exploring the range of Vista. Its disadvantage is that when working, you cannot open more than three applications. In another, Vista Basic does not support the file system. In Vista Home Premium lack of transparency of the interface. Vista Business users will be disappointed by the lack of multimedia features, like choosing Vista Enterprise. The most powerful and having all the possibilities at the moment, the version is Vista Ultimate.
All the flaws that were made for various reasons in Windows Vista operating system, have been addressed and corrected in the most popular version of Windows 7. Just as Windows XP established itself as a reliable and not giving failures the system and Windows 7 is such, and even better.
Select the "Apple" system. For fans of Apple as well very reliable and competitive operating system Mac OS X. It is good that is very resistant to all kinds of hacking attacks and destructive viruses. And, of course, if you prefer your MacBook, then doubt, which operating system to choose, you should not be.
Install something more serious. In that case, if you a computer genius or programmer and the laptop you need for an ordinary user goals as, for example, to work in, then your choice should definitely fall on an operating system called Linux. Its interface is very convenient, and problems with applications for this system will not have a lot of them in the network.