Cocktails with rum and juice

To prepare the cocktail "Acapulco" will need 60 ml of liquor "Malibu, 90 ml mango juice and ice. Ice cubes need to 1/3 fill a highball, and then pour in the mango juice and liqueur. To prepare the cocktail, "Malibu Paradise", you need to mix in a shaker with ice, 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 30ml cranberry juice, 15ml pineapple juice, 15ml of vodka and ice. Then all the components need to strain into a tall glass. Cocktail "Pineapple Malibu will need 25 ml of liquor "Malibu", 25 ml pineapple juice, 25 ml white rum and ice. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a shaker and sarovitsa into the glass. If desired, the juice for cocktails with liqueur "Malibu" can be replaced with cold tea.

To prepare the cocktail "Malibu Twister" with 30 ml of liquor "Malibu" need to mix in a glass with 30 ml cranberry juice 30 ml strawberry juice and ice, gently mix the drink. To prepare the cocktail, "Sunset", should be pre-cooled 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 150 ml soda "mountain Dew" and a few drops of grenadine. Then a glass to pour the liqueur, soda, on top to drip a little grenadine and do not stir the finished drink.

Cocktail "Peach Malibu is prepared from 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 90 ml orange juice 30 ml peach liqueur and 90 ml of orange juice. All ingredients were mixed in a highball, to which is added several ice cubes. To prepare the cocktail "Evening" in a glass put the ice, 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 45 ml of liquor "Amaretto", 15 ml white rum, 60 ml orange juice 75 ml pineapple juice (in that order). The edge of the glass with a cocktail decorated with pineapple slice.

Cocktails with milk

To prepare the cocktail, "Coconut", you need to take 20 ml of liquor "Malibu", 100 ml milk, 10 ml white rum, 100 g of ice cream, and a piece of orange peel and a slice of pineapple for decoration of the glass. Then the ice cream mix in blender with liqueur, milk and rum, then poured the cocktail into the glass and decorated with peel from pineapple. Liqueur "Malibu" should be as chilled as in the preparation of cocktails and for self use.

To prepare the cocktail "Lady Jane" you need to take 15 ml of liquor "Malibu", 30 ml strawberry liqueur, 15 ml orange juice, 15 ml orange liqueur 15 ml liqueur Grand Marnier, 30 ml cream, some strawberries and some chocolate shavings. Liquors need to mix in a shaker with ice, juice and cream, then strain the drink into a champagne glass, sprinkle with grated chocolate and garnish with strawberries.