For making Turkish delight will require a good starch, preferably wheat or rice, gelatin, otherwise the treat will be too tight and heavy.

Apple Turkish delight

Cut into pieces with peel 800 g of sweet and sour kind of apples Antonovka, add 400 g sugar, a few tablespoons of water and cook on small fire under the lid until soft. Wipe the apples through a sieve. Cook the syrup of 800 g of sugar and 0.7 l of water, pour in applesauce, add 50 g of starch and a little gelatin, previously dissolved in water. Continue to cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture begins to fall from the walls of the pan. Remove capacity from fire, optionally add some vanilla or lemon juice, stir until smooth, put the puree in the form and put in the cold. When the mass thickens, cut it into pieces and roll in powdered sugar.

Instead of apples you can use red and black currants, apricots and plums. You can prepare a strawberry or raspberry Turkish delight. In this case, the berries wipe through a sieve, fresh, raw. Berry Turkish delight, lightly tint food coloring.

Nutty Turkish delight

String on a needle and thread almond kernels are roughly the same size - this is the basis of Turkish delight. Pour 50 g of starch 2 cups cold water and let it brew. Add a little gelatin dissolved in water and swollen. Cook the syrup of 0.4 kg of sugar and 2 glasses of water, taking with it the foam. When the sugar is completely dissolved, a thin stream pour into the pan with the syrup starch with constant stirring. Boil the mixture until it thickens, stirring all the time. Place the pan with the syrup in another larger one filled with hot water to the syrup is still warm. Dip in a mixture of threads with almonds and hang until the sweet mass they will not harden. Then the mixture is warm, stir again and dip the threads with almonds. Repeat the operation several times until the Turkish delight is not a sufficient amount. Leave a treat to dry, then gently pull the thread and roll the resulting stuffed with Turkish delight in powdered sugar.