Biceps and triceps: location and purpose

The location of the biceps or biceps brachii is the inner surface of the humerus. Here are the shoulder muscles. The triceps is located on the dorsal region of the humerus and occupies one-third of its surface. Well-developed triceps, as the triceps muscle, may have a size twice bigger biceps. Regardless of muscles-antagonists, triceps works as an extensor, and the biceps as a flexor of the hand. Summarizing these data, we can say that biceps and triceps are called groups of muscles-extensors and the flexors of the hands.

Exercises for training biceps and triceps

Good development and the increase in biceps and triceps contribute to strength exercises with dumbbells and a barbell. Classes on the horizontal bar and parallel bars.

To train the biceps muscle, you can use the following exercises. Exercise # 1: Place your feet shoulder width apart. Grip bottom, take the rod. Bend the barbell toward the shoulders, do this exercise slowly while breathing out. The number of uplifts and the weights are determined individually depending on your weight and level of fitness. Beginners are best to start with the same exercises (alternately raising the hands to the torso) with dumbbells weighing 5-8 kg.

Exercise # 2: starting position – namely, the vis on the crossbar. Vary the grip of the hands from narrow to wide (as you prefer) hands to yourself. If desired, you can attach weights to the belt in front, but for beginners it is better not to do it. Pull up as high as possible, returning to the starting position. The number of executions for beginners – 10-15.

For training triceps, you can perform the following exercises:

Exercise # 1: Lie on a bench, take the barbell narrow grip on top. Follow the movement of arms up and down alternately. The weights and number of reps will depend on your individual parameters: goals, level of fitness, your weight, etc.

Exercise # 2: Jump on the boards and refrain them on the straight hands. Bend and unbend your elbows, legs straight, perpendicular to the floor. Try not to wobble, do the exercise purely. To start, try to do 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise # 3: Perform pushups. Ensure that the back and legs were straight, work only with the hands and body. The number of push-UPS vary depending on their physical abilities. For a good work out triceps you need to perform several approaches (2-3) up to 30 push-UPS each.

There are many other exercises to work biceps and triceps. In particular, exercises on special simulator Scott, flexing one arm with a dumbbell, bench press bar reverse grip, and many others.

To choose the most appropriate methodology for training needs in accordance with your physical condition, health, age. The most optimal variant of class schedules and dosing loads will help you to reach your coach.