In the evening – vegetables and game

Salads from the gifts of nature are perfect. This dinner will delight in appearance and taste. All week you can cook a variety of dishes for the evening meal.

On the first day treat yourself to a diet of salad "Caesar with chicken", taking for him the following products:

- 4-5 leaves of green salad;
- 30 g of white crackers;
- 5 cherry tomatoes;
- 30 g low-fat cheese;
- 100 g of boiled chicken;
- 70 g fat-free yogurt;
- 1 teaspoon of lemon juice;
mustard on the tip of the spoon;
- pepper, salt.

Chicken cut into cubes, cheese RUB. Lettuce leaves, rinse with cold water and tear into small pieces with your hands. Add croutons and cherry tomatoes.

Prepare the sauce. For him, combine the yogurt, mustard, pepper, salt with lemon juice. Fill them with the salad and enjoy a fancy but light dinner.

On the second evening, treat yourself to a vegetable salad made with one sweet pepper, tomato, small cucumber. Fill the dish of unsweetened yogurt or a small amount of sour cream low-fat. Boiled chicken breast in the amount of 150 grams is combined with this vitamin salad.

The third dinner will also be useful. It helps to improve complexion and saturation of the body with carotene. Grate the carrot and peeled a green Apple on a medium grater. Fill the dish with yogurt or sour cream low fat.

Carotene in combination with milk fat is better absorbed. To this salad is ideal for small lean piece of boiled Turkey (150 grams).

If you love stew, then fry 200 grams of diced chicken or Turkey in olive oil. Add the chopped onion, carrot and pepper. Let the fowl and vegetables are fried for another 5 minutes.

Now pour the hot water so that it closed half the contents, and simmer the dish for 25-30 minutes. The fourth night also promises to be tasty.

Lovers of milk

Those who prefer to eat, tasting Cows, you can treat yourself cottage cheese casserole for dinner.


- 150 g of cottage cheese low-fat;
- 1 tablespoon of semolina;
- 1 egg;
- 1 teaspoon of baking powder;
- half of the chopped banana.

Put the mass into a silicone form and bake in the oven until Golden brown. Enjoy the pudding with unsweetened tea or low-fat yogurt, milk.

It is possible to avoid subjecting the curd to heat treatment, and whipping signified the number and banana in a blender. This low-calorie dinner will be a useful sixth meal in the evening.

The seventh – do fish with vegetables. Take 150 grams fillet of sea beauties, lay beside him 100 grams of broccoli, half of the pepper and cook the dish for a couple to readiness.