Kinder Surprises

Under attack in the United States hit chocolate egg, loved by children in our country. Kinder Surprises banned, not because of bad quality chocolate, and for the toys supplied. One American child choked on a small part of the egg and was immediately banned all Kinder Surprises.


Another product which fell under the ban of absinthe. Blame the high content of wormwood in the beverage. The main lovers of this drink are women. They complained that pregnancy is absent causing the risk of miscarriage. Because of this, his first, banned and then forced to reduce the beverage content of wormwood.

The puffer fish

Improperly prepared puffer fish can cause slow torture, and then death. The Americans have decided that it is easier absolutely to forbid this kind of fish.

Soft drink Pommac

The famous Dr. pepper invented the drink with the taste of champagne in the distant sixties. The officials somehow decided that the beverage is able to disorient Americans and was banned. Skeptics argue that the manufacturer had a fight with someone from the authorities and the ban was his punishment.

Scottish food Haggis

The Americans could not get along with the Scottish national food is Haggis. Most likely, it's because of the recipe. The RAM's stomach fold various internal organs and lamb lung including. In favor of the course made this very easy.

Cake made of pork liver

The list of banned products USA and got the cake from pig liver. The dish is recognized unsanitary. Also the reason that the blood is not like the Americans.

Four Loko

Energy drink that combines alcohol and caffeine. The US government decided to ban such killing machine. And it was done absolutely right.

Chocolate Vegemite

In the list of products that are banned in the United States hit a chocolate Vegemite. All due to the fact that manufacturers were added to the product a huge amount of folic acid.

Any meat

If you do not know, on the territory of the United States of America prohibited meat, which is grown in other countries. Perhaps this is because Americans have always been patriots.

Also banned in America any horse. It is not clear how they distinguish beef from horsemeat. Rumor has it that the US government ordered to build a robotic assistant AMMI special program that determines the type of meat.