Stored tires should according to certain rules. Otherwise you run the risk of getting deformed the rubber, where you drive is just dangerous.

General retention rules

Before sending the tires for storage, they must be washed and cleaned of dirt and gravel stuck in the tread. In addition, you must apply on the tire special notes. For example, using abbreviations P. L. C Where PL - left front, LR – left rear, etc., When the following change is recommended to change tyres in some places. Experts say that this measure will allow to balance the tire wear.
Determining the storage location, note that they must be located where they will not get a light, low humidity and no fat or oil. All of the above can greatly reduce the life of the rubber.

One of the main issues that arises in connection with the storage of rubber, as they need to fold (with or without rims). Depends on this choice of formulation of the rubber. For example, if the disks cannot be set vertically. This is due to the fact that the wheels will press on the tires, and the last are easily deformed. In this situation, the disks should be stacked on top of each other on a flat surface.
If possible, tire and wheels can be hung. In this case, deformation of the rubber can be avoided.

If tires will be stored without a disk, it is best to install them in storage vertically. This is due to the fact that when laying tires one to another without disk they will distort at the edges under its own weight.
With this method of storage once a month they should be flip to avoid deformation.

Storage of winter tires

Winter tires is one of the essential attributes of winter driving. According to the rules, the last recommended date to change the tire, - 15 Nov.

Of course, before replacing, you need winter tires to inspect carefully. For example, if studded tires, and it fell almost all the spikes, ride be unsafe. Problems on the road can cause the erased protectors.

So winter tires will not give you unpleasant surprises before the season, when they need to juicy to change, take care of their correct storage.

Tires be sure to wash and dry. If you keep winter tires on the rims, install them horizontally pile. So you can avoid damage of the rubber in case of any contact with her other items.

Also be sure to check the air in the room where to store winter tires. If it gets too dry, the rubber can crack.

Sell special boxes for storage of tires. However, it is worth remembering that store there only summer tires. After the summer in this box the temperature can reach above 70 ° C. And it very much affects the state of the soft rubber. Winter is traditionally softer summer, so worse tolerate too high temperature.