To avoid unpleasant consequences, there are some storage conditions of tires.

1. Storage of tires it is important to choose the right one. They should not be put on the open balcony. From the hot, Sunny rays on the surface of the rubber can develop microscopic defects that will eventually manifest itself. The best option for them to be any indoor, dry and cool place: garage, cellar, barn and other suitable facilities.

2. Before deciding on the storage of rubber, carefully examine their condition. If the protector has wear, the norm of which does not match the traffic, or missing a number of spikes, to keep such wheels does not make sense.

3. Good tyres after a winter of operation it is necessary to prepare for the next season. Be sure to wash them, dry and place each wheel separately the cases or other packing capable of flowing air. In this form of tire will be protected against the ingress of dirt.

4. If the storage of tyres will be made along with the disks, then they should be kept in a hanging or laying in a pile. To keep the wheels upright only in inflated form.

5. Storage of tyres separately from the disks need to be performed vertically, but with periodic turning to avoid deformation of the rubber. Carrying out such simple actions for the storage of tires will provide a longer period of operation.