Pork with garlic

This dish is prepared with a minimum of ingredients, all you need is:

- 700 g pork pulp;
- 6 cloves of garlic;
- coarse sea salt;
- ground black pepper;
mustard sauce in the beans.

A piece of pork thoroughly washed and dry. The garlic cloves cleaned and cut into lengthwise slices.

Take a sharp knife with a narrow tip and make the meat a few notches. In them, as in pockets, inserted the garlic slices. Put the meat on a large piece of foil, which spread on a baking sheet.

It's time for spices. Mix the pepper with salt and RUB this mixture surface of the pork. Sauce with grain mustard thoroughly oil the entire surface of the meat.

Now you need to wrap the meat completely in foil and on the baking pan in a preheated oven 190оС. Reduce heat and bake a delicacy and a half hours.

Of meat in the piercing allocated meat juice, not blood, so pork is ready. Then it should be cut into serving slices 2 cm wide and serve with salad, rice or boiled potatoes.

Meat "accordion"

You can bake pork in the oven so that the dish looked impressive, original and get colored. To be able to arrange a chic feast with this dish, you need to have in the kitchen:

- 500 g pork;
- 2 tomato;
- 180 g of cheese;
- 4 cloves of garlic;
- pepper, salt.

First, prepare the ingredients properly. Cheese cut into slices, 4 mm wide; cut the tomatoes into slices, and garlic on a plate.

For the meat component, it is better to take loin. It has a fat, so the dish will not be dry. Pork wash, dry and make a cross incision, not reaching the bottom 2 cm Distance between them is 1.5 cm.

Meat flavored with spices – pepper and salt, not forgetting the recesses between the notches. Formed in each pocket place a slice of tomato and slice of cheese.

Now the stuffed pork wrap in foil and put on 60-75 minutes in the oven. It pre-heated to 180oC. Bake on low heat.

Look spectacular with this dish mushrooms potatoes. For this purpose it is boiled in their skins, and then artistically cut so that one part became the pileus, followed by foot and lower part of the potatoes turns into his spine.

Potato mushrooms put on the hat and lightly fried in sunflower oil, and then come around ready colorful piece of pork. The food looks so festive and beautiful.