For cooking pork in the pot in the oven you will need:

pork - 300 g;

- onions - 2 PCs.;

- carrots - 2 PCs.;

- potatoes - 700 g;

cheese — 150 g;

- herbs (parsley or dill) - a few sprigs;

- salt and spices - to taste.

This recipe is enough to make 6 servings, so you'll need 6 small pots.

Remember that the most important thing in cooking any meat is its proper preparation. This is the stage that will allow you to reduce cooking time and get a wonderful taste.

Meat must be cut into small pieces and then fry in a pan in a little oil. If you do not, pork can be a little dry and not as flavorful. Meat fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown. Don't forget to add salt and favorite spices.

Take 6 pots and place them meat in equal proportions. Next, clean the onions and cut into small cubes, carrots grate on fine grater, and then vegetables should be fried in vegetable oil for several minutes. The thus prepared zazharku put in your pots.

Potatoes wash, peel, cut into cubes of medium size and fry in a pan until soft. Now the potatoes need to be added to each pot, and then pour pots of hot water to have covered all of your products. The pots should be put in the oven, and then heat it to a temperature of 200 degrees. To keep pork with potatoes in pots need in the oven for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, take any herbs, wash and chop, and grate cheese varieties. Greens and cheese combine and a few minutes before end of cooking, add in each pot.

After 5 minutes the pork in the pot with the potatoes completely ready and you can serve your dish to the table.